Dota 2 Releases Latest Update, You Can't Blame Valve if Not Lucky!

This morning, Dota 2 launched the latest update in the form of "Treasure of the Carmine Cascade" which contained ten sets of skins each for one Dota 2 hero. In addition to this item, Valve also made an "improvement" for the rare item system on each of its cases. This time, you can find out the opportunity to get rare items by pointing and pressing the arrow next to the words "escalating odds".

Dota 2 Rilis Update Terbaru, Sudah Tidak Bisa Menyalahkan Valve jika Keberuntunganmu Ampas!

In addition, Valve also added a set randomization feature so you can use different sets in each game. Seven of the ten skins in this box are skins that you will definitely get every time you open this chest. The remaining three, like most skin chests in Dota 2, are not sure to get you, but the opportunity can be enlarged by continuing to open this chest.

Dota 2 is a game title created by Valve and becomes a direct sequel to a custom map in Warcraft III called Dota.