Downey Skills and Ability in ShellFire, Air Gunner Who Has Super High Damage!

Downey is a Hero attack on ShellFire specialist shooter from the air. It has an auto fire that can explode and has a large explosion area. He has the biggest damage in the game now and can hurt many heroes at once. He also has the ability to heal himself so that he is not too dependent on heal packs around the map. Not to mention the ultimate can penetrate the target so that if the enemy lined up 5 at a time, then all five will be exposed to very high damage every second. To have Downey, you can buy it at a shop worth 6800 gold or equivalent to 399 rubies.


That was some of Downey's advantages in the game. Want to know more about this one robot half hero? See full details below.

Level of difficulty

Compared to all the hero attacks when this article goes up, Downey has the highest difficulty level, which is 4. As previously explained, it has an auto fire with an explosive effect and can produce very high damage when it comes to direct heroes. With 3 straight shots, Downey can kill 1 non-tank hero instantly. He also has the ultimate that can penetrate enemies and is very deadly.

Unfortunately, auto fire Downey has a very slow travel time so that agile heroes like Senju can avoid it easily. Need more training to be able to use the autofire Downey so that you can hit the enemy directly or the surrounding area.

Hero Ability

Heropedia Downey ShellFire, Penembak Udara yang Punya Damage Super Tinggi!

  • Auto Fire: Shoot explosive bullets and makeup to 900 damage to enemies around the area.
  • Advanced Thruster - Skill 1: Downey activates thruster and makes it fly into space for a while. Height and movement can be set.
  • Repair Bot - Skill 2: Activate the bot repair that will repair Downey armor and cure up to 900 HP.
  • Super Laser Cannon - Ultimate: Shoot a laser cannon that will damage 800 per second when it hits the enemy.

Play Tips

Attack Defense

If you are in attack mode, keep the enemy entry area so they cannot approach the point. But if you are in defense mode, you can shoot at the objective area when the enemy is there and force them to stay away using the ultimate.

Capture Point

In this mode, Downey can have 2 tasks; Prevent incoming enemies using auto fire or expel enemies inside with spam auto fire. He can also use the ultimate when the Hero friends have entered and ruffled their formation.


If in the introductory payload team, Downey feels less effective because he can easily be seen by the enemy because the map area is usually very open. But if he is on the payload attack team, then Downey can be an option because he can shoot at payload continuously and make the enemy have to move away slowly.

Death Match

There is nothing special in Death Match mode. Simply kill as many enemies as possible from the air and lock the enemy with the ultimate movement. That was the brief Heropedia about Downey. It is highly recommended not to use aim assists or auto fire because the possibility of misses is even greater than the manual.