Dynasty Warriors 9 Will Bring Up Online and Offline Coop Feature Updates Split Screen

Wanting to present an enticing new theme in their colossal war series, Dynasty Warriors 9 with the open-world feature actually reaped a lot of scathing criticism from gamers. Even so, Omega Force as a developer seems to still try to increase the prestige of their game.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Akan Hadirkan Update Fitur Coop Online Maupun Offline Split Screen

Classic features that used to always exist in previous Dynasty Warriors games and had disappeared in this title, are also planned to be present in Dynasty Warriors 9. This feature is a feature of playing together - aka cooperation or commonly abbreviated coop.

It is planned that you will be able to enjoy Dynasty Warriors 9's coop feature online and offline. You can play with your friends from their homes or play on one console offline by dividing the screen into two, the top and bottom, aka split screen.

This update will also improve various technical problems, such as performance issues. After the update later, the PC version of Dynasty Warriors 9 will be able to touch 60 FPS stably. The addition of this coop feature itself is planned to launch simultaneously for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC One on October 23, 2018.