Heropedia Alice ShellFire, a Beautiful Healer Girl Who Can Trouble Teamfight!

Alice is one of ShellFire's support heroes who has the ability to heal friends well. Alice can heal your dying friend in a short time using her active skills. In addition, it can also heal friends around it within a certain radius.

Heropedia Alice ShellFire, Cewek Healer Cantik yang Bisa Merepotkan Teamfight!

Not to mention if when pressed, Alice can use her Ultimate and heal friends in the area quickly. To be able to have Alice, you can buy it at a shop worth 6800 gold or equivalent to 399 rubies. That was some of the advantages of Alice in the game. Want to know more about this cute girl? See full details below.

Degree of difficulty

As a support, Alice has a 2-star difficulty level which means it is not easy to use. The healing skill was very useful for healing friends around, but could not save them from large damage bursts like Ultimate Downey and Senju. But with the Ultimate, Alice can help them from all types of Ultimate damage because the heal is quite large.

Another difficulty came from Alice's projectile shot which tended to be slow and difficult to hit the enemy even though the damage was quite high. To be more accurate, you have to fight in close enough distance or turn off all aim assists and auto fire in order to predict enemy movements.

Hero Ability

Auto Fire: Alice shoots three times in a row. Each shot produces 200 damage.

Cure - Skill 1: Passively, Alice heals your cellphone around every second. If activated, Alice will cure 2,000 targets HP in 5 seconds.

Rage of Moe - Skill 2: Alice uses Moe to fire a sonic attack towards the enemy. When it hit the enemy, the sonic will explode and the enemy is hit by 300 damage while sucking the enemy around.

Perfect Chant - Ultimate: Alice and Moe sing together, heal themselves and friends around. While in Perfect Chant, Alice will be immune but cannot move or attack until the duration ends.

Attack Defence

Dalam mode ini, Alice bakal berperan penting untuk menyembuhkan Hero kawan dari belakang, terutama Hero tank yang memang bertugas untuk menahan damage. Pastikan Alice selalu bergerak dan selamatkan Hero kawan yang sekarat.

Capture Point

Kehadiran Alice di berbagai mode memang sangat diharapkan, termasuk capture point. Di sini, tugas Alice adalah selalu menempel kawan yang hendak masuk ke area poin. Tetap pastikan HP kawanmu tetap penuh dan selamatkan mereka dengan Ultimate di saat terdesak.


Hampir sama dengan mode lainnya, Alice cukup menempel dekat tank kawan dan pastikan jangan terlalu jauh dari payload. Apabila musuh mencoba dive dengan Ultimate, segera gunakan Ultimate dan jangan sampai kawanmu mati.

Death Match

Berbeda dengan mode lain yang bersifat defensif, Alice bisa bergerak agresif di mode ini. Ia bisa menempel dengan Hero-hero ber-damage besar dan ikut menghasilkan damage. Kamu juga harus sigap untuk menyelamatkan kawan apabila ia nyaris mati.