Horror and Scary! 5 Spooky Games with Various Demon Beings Inside!

Playing spooky video games with enemies in the form of horror devils has their own challenges. Not only test your guts but also boost adrenaline and make your heart beat fast. The creatures from this hell sometimes get to the dream because they are so entrenched that they are embedded in your mind.

Horor dan Menakutkan! Inilah 5 Game Seram dengan Berbagai Makhluk Iblis di Dalamnya!

Now, if you currently want to feel the scary challenge of so many demons, DuniaGames has summarized five game titles that can fulfill your wild imagination. Let's look at the recommendations of the following games!

5. Devil May Cry

As per the title of this game, you will always meet various kinds of devils. These demons did come from hell. There is a weak demonic demon for you to slaughter one by one and a strong and big demon, usually found as an enemy boss.

This devil is not too scary in terms of form, but will make you excited because of their horror attacks which are enough to drain Dante's HP.


This game is the fourth title of the DOOM series created by id Software complete with various updates. Taking a background on Mars, this battle area is precisely a description of how the hell realm and its inhabitants infiltrate the futuristic world.

There are so many elements of jumpscare that are embedded in this game. For example, when in a laboratory that looks quiet and safe, suddenly there is a demon monster that appears before you with a creepy sound effect. Don't be surprised if you meet other demons that are very frightening and more difficult in this FPS game. The only way to survive is to kill him more quickly or decapitate the astral creature to death.

3. Bloodborne

Sony Computer Interactive Entertainment with From Software released Bloodborne for the PlayStation 4 console on March 24, 2015. The game created by the Dark Souls game developer took a background in a very scary world; on the ruins of Yharnman, a city known for its elixir - which holds a mystery.

It is in this ruins that you will say hello to demons and demons who are fierce and frightening. Supported by a dark atmosphere and background music that makes you scared, you will feel the horror every step to a place that you have not explored before.

2. Dark Souls

The game that is based on this difficulty is indeed horror. Why? Yes, because the gameplay is difficult already sounds pretty scary, let alone added demons with a form that is difficult to accept common sense.

When playing Dark Souls, many things are actually trivial but actually, make you die again and again. There are also things that you did not expect before even made you angry. It feels like you yourself are directing the devil directly from the monitor screen.

1. Agony

Agony became one of the horror games that succeeded in making you feel the horror of the presence of hell's natural population and their conditions there. With stunning graphics quality, Agony presents gameplay that allows you to try to escape and survive the threat of devils ready to devour you whenever and wherever.

You begin your journey as a tortured soul and fall into hell without having any memory of why you can be stranded in this horrible place full of blood and disgusting flesh. Interestingly, in this place you have the ability to possess and control stray beings around the location.

Those are some video games that show how horrifying the demonic beings are. Although it is still limited to the human imagination, the devil that we believe can be as scary or even more sinister.