Karrie's Latest Build in the Onic Spade Style Tanks as Hard as Anything Must Also Fall

Marksman, who has now begun to become a meta-back, especially since season nine, again brought about an interesting old meta-meta. Many things cause why marksman is now back to being the choice of pro players, one of which is Karrie. Here is the latest Karrie build in the Onic Spade style.

We don't need to doubt the agility possessed by Onic Spade, especially in playing marksman, one of them is Karrie. With a unique game style, the latest build of the Karrie Onic Spade is very powerful. What are you curious about?

1. Raptor Machete

You often feel that if Spade's Karrie growth hero is very fast, it's fast. What makes his growth so fast? There are many factors, usually, marksman will be placed in the bottom lane and do farming safely in the lane.

But that is not effective, then what? Spade is usually accompanied by a fighter support to eliminate the wave minions in the mid. After beating one wave minions, Spade moves directly towards the lower jungle then above to finish off the existing neutral creep.

By buying a jungling gear for the beginning, that is Raptor Machete, that way he can beat neutral creep very quickly. After eliminating jungle down and up, he immediately filled the upper lane to try to steal the opponent's jungle and kill the opponent who was trying to do the ganging.

Using your growth hero Raptor Machete will be faster, then killing opponents in the lane is not difficult if you are already superior in level.

2. Bloodlust Ax

For the second gear that is built, the effect of unique passive has no effect at all, giving the spell vamp effect of 20 percent is not useful for Karrie. Because all the skills or damage from karrie are physical and true damage, then why do you choose this gear?

The reason for Spade to make this gear is, an additional physical attack effect of 70 points and the resulting cooldown reductions. With ten percent cooldown reductions, you can freely spam one skill from Karrie. That way the wave minions in the lane will quickly run out and make the push tower faster.

3. Swift Boots

The main advantage of Karrie is that his attack speed does not make sense, we can even say that Karrie is a Markman who has the fastest attack speed of all existing marksman, if he activates his ultimate skill.

Swift boots provide additional attack speed that is quite large, by 15 percent and in late games will be very influential if we calculate based on additional attack speed that Karrie has when activating his ultimate skill.

4. Endless Battle

Light Wheel Mark plus the effect of passive unique Endles Battle called Divine Justice, is the secret behind Spade's Karrie's ferocity. That's why any tanks as hard as Spade face will always fall fast with his Karrie.

The passive skill from Karrie gives a true damage effect of seven to 13 percent, from the total HP opponent. Besides that Divine justice also has the same effect, after Karrie uses the skill, basic Karrie attacks will have an additional true damage of 70 percent of the total attacks that have. That's why any tanks will fall out when hit by ten hits from Karrie.

5. Thunder Belt

If you feel the effects of Endless Battle are lacking to beat your opponent and maybe less brutal, then you can use this one gear. Gear which also provides Karrie's life sustain which is quite squishy.

Besides giving additional damage of two percent of the total HP that Karrie had, after she activated the skill. This Thunder Belt also provides an additional HP of 800 points and an armor of 40 points. Besides that, ten percent cooldown reductions will make Karrie's skill delay even faster.

Having relatively fast cooldown skills, Karrie can do spam skills. That way the passive effect of every gear we have built, such as Divine Justice and Thunderbolt will be triggered continuously.

6. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

The latest gear for the latest build on the Karrie Onic Spade is still struggling in gear defense. But this one gear defense can make your Karrie even stronger. In addition to providing defensive effects such as 1000 HP, this gear also has an effect on the attack, namely cooldown reductions of ten percent.

Then another terrible effect is Demonize, which can reduce incoming damage by 50 percent if our cellphone is below 40 percent. In addition, our life steal effect was also increased by 30 percent.

With builds like this, it's no wonder that Spade's Karrie game can be very horrible, maybe we still remember how Frameazy used Karrie and played quite brilliantly at MSC 2018 ago.