Kimmy Release Schedule, Mobile Legends

Ahead of the release of a new Hero, usually Mobile Legends will release a typical trailer that is interesting and related to the Hero story. But not with the release of Kimmy this time. The first marksman hero and mage are scheduled to be released on October 23, 2018 - but the trailer will be accompanied by a very unique trailer!

Bocorkan Perilisan Kimmy, Mobile Legends Bikin Trailer yang 'Beneran 8-Bit'!

Quite different from the Mobile Legends trailer so far, the Kimmy trailer this time has distinctive audio with an 8-bit feel like old school game consoles.

Kimmy himself is a Hero who was once rumored to be named Mary, but was finally released as Kimmy. This hero used to have two types of energy that made it possible to replace basic attack effects as they pleased, but it was also changed and finally became what it is now.