Laser Sight on PUBG PC, Is It Effective or Not?

At Update # 21 PUBG, PUBG developers present a new attachment called Laser Sight. This attachment is said to reduce the recoil effect when you do a hipfire or shoot without hitting the right-click-view. This attachment is mounted on the bottom of the weapon and can be installed in Pistol, SMG, or AR.


But how effective is this attachment? It turns out this attachment is almost practically NOT USEFUL! Through a video, a streamer named WackyJacky101 explains and analyzes the attachment of this one.

WackyJacky101 uses this attachment, then shoots without aiming using a gun, and also the SMG Vector. The result? If using a gun, single-fire recoil is more effective than before. But if you use SMG Vector, Vertical Grip attachments still make the auto spray more controlled.

Laser Sight Attachment was present at the # 21 Update PUBG which was released early September. Currently, PUBG Update has reached version # 22 which first appeared in the middle of September. This latest update presents the Rank system and various other visual updates.