Lineage2 Big Update Revolution, from Region and New Field Boss Up to Max Level Cap Increase!

One of Netmarble's mainstay MMORPGs, Lineage2 Revolution, has presented its latest update. This time, Lineage2 Revolution added a new region, Schuttgart and increased the max level cap to 360! Of course, this level change also presents a new challenge with the presence of powerful dungeons that adjust the level of the stamp.

Lineage2 Revolution Update Besar, dari Region dan Field Boss Baru Sampai Peningkatan Max Level Cap!

Not only that. You will also be able to see the appearance of a new field boss; Komabor which is a formidable Earth Dragon from Territory Avento. Now, you can beat Komabor to get skills, new talismans, and more.

To be sure, there are still many changes to the update this time and you can see more on the official Facebook fan page on Lineage2 Revolution.