MOBA Mobile Development from Time to Time

The popularity of MOBA mobile recently feels even bigger. Some of them are also very popular with players such as Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends. But in addition to the two games, there were many MOBA games that were released long before the two games existed. The following is the history of MOBA mobile game development from year to year. Have you ever played one of them?

Inilah Perkembangan MOBA Mobile dari Masa ke Masa! Dari Grafis Culun Sampai Keren Banget!


Legendary Heroes

This game is arguably the originator of MOBA mobile games that are in the game. Legendary Heroes provides touch control experiences like Vainglory and various heroes such as MOBA games in general. Uniquely, Legendary Heroes provides so many folders that players can choose. This game itself was released in 2011.

Heroes of Order and Chaos

The MOBA game developed by Gameloft was once popular. Heroes of Order and Chaos were among the pioneers of the MOBA game for the smartphone which was released in 2012.

Soltice Arena

If the MOBA game is usually 5 to 5, the Soltice Arena is the first MOBA with a 3-to-3 concept. This game was released in 2013 by Zynga.


Speaking of the oldest MOBA questions, it was Vainglory who deserved to hold the title. Released around 2014, Vainglory became the next MOBA with a 3-to-3 concept and provided stunning graphics.


The Witcher Battle Arena

Entering 2015, The Witcher Battle Arena entered the smartphone market which was developed directly by the RED CD Projekt, the game developer who helped create the game series The Witcher. This MOBA also tells about the world of The Witcher with the concept of 3 versus 3.

Ace of Arenas - Rose

Starting from Ace of Arenas - Rose, the MOBA game began to enter the 3 lane era 5 versus 5. With the same map concept as the MOBA game in general lately, Ace of arenas - Rose was quite successful among gamers.

Heroes of Soulcraft

On Heroes of Soulcraft, players can choose from a variety of modes, ranging from 2 to 2 to 5 versus 5. In this game, a hero can turn into a very powerful Titan!


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Entering 2016, the most popular MOBA game in world began to enter smartphones. Developed directly by Moonton, Mobile Legends also experienced various changes since its inception until now.

Arena of Valor / Penta Storm / Realm of Valor

After Mobile Legends, the next MOBA game was also present shortly afterward, the Arena of Valor. First released under the name Mobile Arena in Indonesia, the Arena of Valor turned out to experience various name adjustments depending on the country; for example, Penta Storm in Korea or Realm of Valor in Thailand.


Evolved Heroes

After the MOBA game became more popular among smartphone users, Evolved Heroes also attended as one of the other popular MOBA games. Released by R2Games, Evolved Heroes continues to grow and become one of the MOBA that is almost similar to MOBA PC because it adheres to the ward and fog of war systems.

Light vs Shadow

How come MOBA is anime? Maybe that's the first thing you think about when you see Light vs. Shadow. This game provides graphics like anime that can be played with excitement like MOBA in general.

Vainglory 5v5

After quite a long time struggling in 3 versus 3 mode, Vainglory finally began to move to 5-to-5 mode with a hero and system that was quite similar to before. Even though it has been announced in 2017, Vainglory 5v5 has just officially been released around early 2018.


Champions Dungeon Hunter

This year, it turns out there are MOBA games that you may not often hear, the Champions Dungeon Hunter. Unlike other MOBA games, Gameloft's release game starts the game with a hero who has complete skills! The level system is also quite different compared to other MOBA games.

Legend of Ace

With excellent graphics, Legend of Ace becomes an exciting MOBA game to play. Unfortunately, this game is rarely exposed by gamers and tends to be only for certain groups.

Onmyoji Arena

This spin-off series from the Onmyoji game is included as the latest MOBA game released in 2018. All the heroes are still around ghosts from Japan with different powers.