New Hero Kadita Mobile Legends, Queen of the Lively and Deadly South Beach!

After waiting long enough, Kadita was finally released by Mobile Legends as a hero mage who had a terrible control effect. The hero who was inspired by Nyi Roro Kidul was also classified as an agile hero with a large area because of his skill. Kadita also has high damage with a cooldown skill that is short enough to allow him to easily clean the minion wave and chase enemies. Until now, there is still no exact information on the Kadita price or there are special ways to get it. But most likely Kadita can be obtained for FREE through certain events or will be able to buy about 32,000 battle points.

Those are some of the advantages of Kadita in the game. Want to know more about this South Coast Queen? Check out the hero statistics as well as the fighting abilities below.

Hero Statistics

Heropedia Kadita Mobile Legends, Ratu Pantai Selatan yang Lincah dan Mematikan!

From the picture above, we can see that Kadita is a hero who is quite hard with fairly high durability. His first skill can reduce the damage he receives during the duration and he also has immunity to various types of control effects. Even cooler, it can make the marksman hero with a high attack speed of worry because the skill can reduce attack speed.

Unfortunately, Kadita is not an easy hero to use. Need proper execution and teamwork. If only relying on his own skills, the enemy can still escape using Flicker or other skills.

Hero Ability

Heropedia Kadita Mobile Legends, Ratu Pantai Selatan yang Lincah dan Mematikan!

Ocean Oddity - Skill 1 (active): Kadita turns into a mermaid, summoning the waves and crashing in a certain direction. Generates 70% of magic damage and slow when it hits enemies. While in the waves, Kadita is immune to all kinds of control effects and gets a reduction in damage received. Kadita can use this skill again in a certain period of time and automatically exit the wave. The wave will continue to run on its own even though Kadita has come out.

Breath of the Ocean - Skill 2 (Active): Kadita calls the wave in the intended direction and produces magic damage and throws the enemy into the air for 1.5 seconds. Kadita can use this skill when using Ocean Oddity and make Kadita release the waves just below it. The waves will come out faster when using skills when in Ocean Oddity.

Rough Waves - Ultimate: Kadita calls 6 tsunami waves in different directions. Each wave produces some amount of magic damage. The more tsunami waves hit the enemy, the greater damage will be received. When using this skill, Kadita will enter the water and cannot be a target for a while. When it reappears, Kadita will recall the tsunami wave towards it and produce some amount of magic damage to the enemy.

Thalassophobia - Passive: Every enemy affected by waves from Kadita will be affected by an attack speed reduction of 60% for a few seconds.

That was the brief Heropedia about Kadita. Just a quick tip, take advantage of Ocean Oddity and use Breath of the Ocean just below the enemy before using Rough Waves. It would be better if Kadita was combined with other hero areas like Johnson or Gatotkaca. With proper execution, Kadita can finish up to 5 heroes at once with only 2 heroes!