New Hero Minsitthar in Mobile Legends, The King Fighter!

After Kadita, Mobile Legends also released another new hero adapted from Myanmar, Minsitthar. This hero is inspired by the story of Kyanshittha, king of Myanmar. This hero has a fighter role with a variety of terrible control effects. The skill area is quite large and is very suitable to be combined with other heroes. When released later, Minsitthar is most likely to be owned by buying it for 32,000 battle points, equivalent to 599 diamonds.


That was some of the advantages of Minsitthar in the game. Want to know more about this king? Check out the hero statistics as well as the fighting abilities below.

Hero Statistics

Heropedia Minsitthar Mobile Legends, Sang Raja Fighter Dengan Pasif yang Ngajak Tajir Bareng!

From the picture above, we can already see offense and durability that are fairly balanced. The level of difficulty is relatively low because the way to use the skills is fairly simple. Even so, the control effect he has includes annoying and can interfere with the course of a fight. Not to mention if it has issued the ultimate, Minsitthar can make the enemy dizzy because of the royal guard he calls. For the build, Minsitthar is quite flexible, both in charge of being a tank that can roaming or a lane hero that is very troubling to the enemy.

Even though it has a very good control effect, the effect only applies to one hero and makes it unable to disturb many heroes at once. He is also quite dependent on one team in terms of kill and combination. He also needs items that are good enough to be more useful in the game.

Hero Ability

Heropedia Minsitthar Mobile Legends, Sang Raja Fighter Dengan Pasif yang Ngajak Tajir Bareng!

Spear of Glory - Skill 1 (Active): Minsitthar stabs forward with Spear of Glory. Generates physical damage to enemies along the path. When pulling back his spear, he will pull one enemy to him who is hit first, generating additional physical damage, and giving a knockback effect. At the same time, Minsitthar gets an additional attack speed for 2 seconds.

Shield Assault - Skill 2 (Active): Minsitthar raises the power of a gold shield. He gets an additional shield and movement speed when using this skill. He also simultaneously releases shielding energy towards the front which gives physical damage and stun for 1 second to the enemy who is first exposed to the Assault Shield and gives a knockback effect to the rest.

King's Calling - Ultimate: Minsitthar lunges forward and summons 4 royal guards. each royal guard will generate a number of physical damage and attack the enemy within range. When in the area, Minsitthar will get additional physical attacks and defenses. The enemy in this skill area will not be able to use the Blink skill and get a decrease in movement speed.

All United - Passive: Every time a teammate kills, Minsitthar will get 80 gold. If Minsitthar kills an enemy, all friends will get an extra 20 gold.

That's the short Heropedia about Minsitthar. This hero is indeed quite easy to use, but his Spear of Glory skill can bring disaster just like Iron Hook Franco if one attracts the enemy. Try to damage the enemy dealer first and get rid of him as soon as possible. Good luck in the game!