New PUBG weapon, Skorpion! Pistol But Like SMG!

In the PUBG Update # 23 that was just present, PUBG presented a new weapon called Skorpion. If you like playing FPS games with military themes, you might already know about these weapons, small weapons like Uzi, but are more flexible and can attach several attachments.


As in other military style FPS games, Skorpion on PUBG can also be fitted with attachments. Suppliers in front, Vertical, Half, Lightweight Grip, and Laser Sight below, Red Dot Sight at the top, Extended Mag for bullets, then Stock Micro Uzi can also be used on this weapon.

Even though it is quite complete and looks quite deadly, which makes it even more horrifying, this weapon goes into the Pistol category! Though the way this weapon works like SMG, can be full-auto, it can shoot well with the Red Dot, the shooting range is quite far. In fact, you could say, this weapon is like an upgraded Uzi version!

Because you enter the gun caste, it means you can carry Skorpion even though you have two other big weapons.

Skorpion weapon data from PUBG itself has 22 damage, with DPS reaching 312. Effective firing range of the weapon itself is up to 50 meters, which means it will help you in the early game even possible until late-game if you have to fight at close range.