Nintendo 64 Classic Pictures Uploaded on Internet!

Gamers in the '90s must have known the Nintendo 64 alias N64 console. The console that had become a heavy competitor of Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn. Now the console is rumored to be back in the mini version following the NES and SNES Classic which has been released first.

Menjual Nostalgia, Seperti Ini Penampakan Nintendo 64 Classic yang Beredar di Dunia Maya!

Quoted from the Hypebeast page, a Twitter account named Carl Brennand has uploaded several images showing the shape of the Nintendo 64 Classic. Like the SNES Classic, this Nintendo 64 Classic also comes with a smaller form with four controller slots hidden behind the four original controller slots.

As one of the popular consoles of its time, the N64 was a 64-bit game console made by Nintendo which dominated the game chart which was launched in 1996 until it was replaced by GameCube in 2001. Even so, the N64 was still popular by entering the Video Game Hall of Fame, so it makes sense if Nintendo wants to repeat the glory of the N64 by launching it again.

The photo shows the N64 has the same design as the original, complete with an old reset button to the controller port which certainly brings memories to users in its era. However, the photo triggered some fans who mentioned if the socket or an additional socket would make this new Nintendo console more fragile.

Although these leaks have been circulating, Nintendo has not yet opened the voice related to N64 production, but most likely this console will follow in the footsteps of the NES Classic Edition which was launched in 2016 and the SNES Classic Edition which was introduced in late 2017. Then when will the N64 be launched? A number of parties predict that the N64 will launch in December 2018 which will indirectly compete with Sony's Playstation 1 Classic.