Official Fortnite Mobile Released! This is How to Install it!

Some time ago we were shocked by the release of Fortnite mobile, especially for the Android platform. Yesterday the release was still for the closed-beta phase; in the sense that only you register. After a long wait, Fortnite Mobile has finally entered the open-beta phase - everyone can directly download and play Fortnite without having to register first. 


First of all, you need to know. Unfortunately, still like yesterday, Fortnite Mobile can only be played for high-end smartphones only. If your smartphone is not capable to play Fortnite Mobile games, then it will give a notification like a picture above and you cannot install it.

To install:

  • You just go to the fortnite.com/android page;
  • After that, just tap Download, which will take you to download the APK Fortnite Installer;
  • From the Fortnite Installer application, you just select Install, and the application will download the Fortnite Mobile APK;
  • Later you will be asked about "install unknown source", but don't be afraid, just tap Yes.
  • Finally, after the Fortnite application is installed you can launch directly from the installer application, which immediately takes you to the Fortnite game;
  • Just waiting for the application to download additional data then just log in with the account you have.