Patch 7.20? Dota 2 Give Nerf to Many Heroes on Patch 7.19d!

I don't know what happened, Dota 2 has been less frequent lately. Usually, Valve's game is often released every two weeks and gives a lot of changes. However, later updates tend to be only in one version, 7.19. Reaching the fourth series, patch 7.19d this time gives a lot of changes to the Heroes who tend towards nerf versus buff.


For example, Riki has experienced a contraction of his Tricks of the Trade skill area both from his own skills and talent. Grimstroke was also affected by his Ink Swell skill which made the additional movement speed only 18 percent at all levels.

What's worse, the Phantom Lance cast range owned by Phantom Lancer is now scaled and becomes very short at the initial level, making it easier to gank.