PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0, New Recoil? Drive FPP? These Are 5 Things You Must Know!

PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0 presents a lot of updates. In addition to Halloween content, this update turns out to have some changes to the game mechanics. What has changed? These are 5 things you must know!

PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0, Recoil Sadis? Nyetir FPP? Ini 5 Hal yang Wajib Kamu Ketahui!

Frag Grenade 

One of the most compulsory mechanical changes you know from PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0 is, explosive grenades now make you feel good! Not that the sound is super loud, but it will make a buzzing sound effect to you when your character is hit by the Frag Grenade. So be careful with Frag now, even if you don't get the body, Frag can now be spammed to make the enemy panic and make them unable to step or fire.

Rony and QBU!

PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0 also presents some new content for Sanhok's map! There is a Rony vehicle replacing a car that resembles Sanhok's special Bronco pickup. Then there is also a QBU, a weapon like the Mini14, the difference is when lying down or the prone weapon will issue a bipod, which makes the recoil of the weapon more stable.

Drive First Person

You used to be confused, how come you play FPP, but when driving why is TPP? Now, at PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0, finally, Tencent added the driving feature from the perspective of the First Person! This makes the PUBG Mobile even more cool, but remember, driving with a First Person point of view is certainly more difficult because your viewing angle is narrower.

Night Mode Erangel

Welcoming Halloween, PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0 not only presents Halloween content, but also includes giving night mode to Erangel. This certainly adds to your excitement when playing. Not to forget, to help play night mode, there is a Night Vision Googles that makes your night vision as bright as daytime!

Recoil Become Better!

One of the interesting things about PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0 is that the changes that make animated recoil weapons become more realistic. After we tried, the truth of the recoil is now more realistic. But ... this makes the recoil of the weapon more sadistic! So maybe you have to adapt a little more so that your shots can be more accurate.