PUBG Update # 23 Serves 50v50 Mode Equipped with New Weapons and Various Improvements!

PUBG Update is back! PUBG Update # 23 again presents some improvements and add little new content. Previously alone in update # 22, PUBG presented several improvements, such as map selection, a new grenade selection system, and also did not forget to add rank.


In this latest update, one of the highlights is the presence of new weapons again! Not playing around with this weapon also seems to be an imbalance weapon in PUBG. He is Skorpion - An automatic pistol that can be fitted with various attachments!

Besides adding weapons, there are also feature additions. Now you can see the Note Patch in the game, the bluezone is changed to a bit more transparent, and also the addition of War Mode: 50v50 Conquest in the Custom Game!

PUBG itself is a Battle Royale game which can be said to be the originator of this genre. Although it exploded the first time it was released, but this game reaped a lot of controversy because of the many bugs and features protested by the players. But the PUBG developers themselves have been trying hard to improve PUBG itself even before releasing the FIX PUBG campaign!