[REVIEW] Discussion of Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 2: Kirito's Return to the Virtual World!

Sunday is the day the latest episode of Sword Art Online Alicization, and of course the new SAO discussion too. This time we will discuss Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 2. Maybe a little review from the previous episode.

[REVIEW] Discussion of Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 2: Kirito's Return to the Virtual World!

At the end of Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 1. Kirito who was dating together with Asuna was suddenly visited by one of the evil guild players, Laughing Coffin. This mysterious player attacked and managed to stab Kirito so that the SAO hero lay sprawled. After this go directly to episode 2 Sword Art Online Alicization.

Beginning in the second episode, we found Kirito waking up from his sleep and he was already in the middle of the forest. Kirito was confused where he was but immediately realized that this young boy was diving in a virtual game, Underworld. But there is something different from usual; if Kirito was in the Underworld, he shouldn't bring real-world memories and have memories in games. But not this time. So he feels uncertain.

Out of the forest, Kirito saw a tall tree named Gigas Cedar and also met Eugeo. But his condition here was that Kirito and Eugeo both didn't know each other. The story of their childhood in the first episode like never happened.

While waiting for Eugeo's work to cut down a tree, Kirito confirmed whether he was in the virtual world by asking Eugeo several things and calling the game mechanic. Kirito's guess was stronger if he was in the Underworld.

When talking in the middle of the afternoon break, Eugeo told me that there was a girl of childhood, Alice who always delivered bread for Eugeo's lunch. After the incident Alice who broke the Taboo Index and was forcibly taken to the city center 6 years ago, Eugeo broke up with him, but he believed that Alice was still alive.

Eugeo also told of his work or the term in this game was 'Calling'. Every person has their own Calling and can be obtained since childhood. Eugeo's calling is trying to cut down Gigas Cedar every day. If not done, it means not obeying the Taboo Index and Eugeo will be punished the same as Alice.

Eugeo offered Kirito to go to the city and look for a place to stay overnight. Arriving at the entrance of the city, Kirito and Eugeo were blocked by Zink, a young man with Calling as a soldier. Zink seemed to underestimate Eugeo's Calling and upset Kirito. Kirito challenged Zink by telling him that Calling Kirito was a swordsman and he managed to prove it. Then, Kirito was allowed into the city.

After greeting the townspeople, Eugeo drove Kirito to a church where Kirito stayed overnight. Then, Kirito was escorted to his bed by a young nun named Selka and told a little about the rules in the church. After Selka left, Kirito began to reflect on what happened today and his plans later and immediately closed his eyes.

[REVIEW] Pembahasan Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 2: Kembalinya Kirito Ke Dunia Virtual!

Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 2 is very different from episode 1. There are many plot stories like Kirito's condition in the real world, why Eugeo and Kirito have different memories than they should, and who is the girl at the end of the episode. Hopefully, everything will be answered in the upcoming Sword Art Online Alicization episode.