Riki Overpowered? 4 Reasons Why Riki Became OP Lately

The current Dota 2 players must be very upset with this one Hero, Riki. The hero, who was named Rikimaru or even Riki Martin (during the DoTA Warcraft III period ) in the last three months has indeed become the Hero that has the highest winning percentage. Riki has a winning percentage of 58.03 percent with a pick rate of 21.48 percent. That means, in the five Dota 2 games that you play, there will be at least one Riki Hero appear in the game.

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To find out why this Hero has a very high win rate in recent months, see the following DuniaGames review.

4. Can Change from Support to Core in Game Center

Riki as support is quite annoying. He can provide information on the position of the enemy like a Hero with other invisible strengths and effectively gang up. What makes Riki different from other invisible support heroes, he can transition into super strong cores only with the help of one item, Diffusal Blade. After that, OUT!

You will be faced with three Hero cores and one Hero support as well as one Riki whose ability is equivalent to a core. Even so, many also put Riki in the core position to speed up the timing of the Diffusal Blade.

3. Lack of Sentry Ward Purchase and Dust of Appearance at Early Game

Playing Hero support is sometimes a heart meal. You don't have farming, you have to buy supportive items like Urn, Observer Ward, and others. When dealing with Riki, items such as Sentry Ward and Dust of Appearance are very important.

The reason is, if you have entered the mid and late game phase, these items will be less useful to face Riki because he will buy Blink Dagger; will be able to escape with his Ultimate skill, Tricks of Trade, connected with the use of Dagger. So, as much as possible Riki must be pressed at the beginning of the game so as not to reach these items.

2. The appearance of the Nullifier

In the Dota 2 game, in addition to items to eliminate invisibility, there are only two other items that can make you survive against Riki. Both items are Force Staff and Ghost Scepter.

However, with the addition of Nullifier items that can make you unable to use items, this method becomes less effective. Especially with Riki talents who can add areas from their Ultimate skills. Force Staff may expel you from Smoke Screen skills, but not from the Tricks of Trade.

1. Heroes Counter Riki Are Forgotten

Actually, there are several heroes that can easily counter Riki and make it less useful in games. Examples of these heroes are:

  • Bounty Hunter: with Ultimate skills he can continue to hunt Riki and mark his location. Besides that, Bounty Hunter also has the same goal as Riki in the game to do scouting.
  • Spirit Breaker : with itsCharge skill , plus Dust of Appearance, Spirit Breaker or Barathum can easily kill Riki every time he looks a little in the map .
  • Slardar : This Hero clearly has Ultimate which can makeRiki's invisible skill useless and landRiki too much physical damage. But somehow this Hero has rarely been chosen in the game.

Those are some of the reasons why Riki looks overpowered in the past few months and has a very high winning percentage.