ShellFire Heropedia Senju, A Ninja with Shadow Manipulation Technique

Senju is a Hero attack on ShellFire that has extraordinary agility and damage. He can hurt enemies with high damage and is classified as difficult to kill because he can move places quickly. If you have mastered the Senju, you can easily kill the enemy non-tank Hero quickly and immediately return to where you placed the shadow during the duration. To get a Senju, you can buy it for 6,800 gold or equivalent to 399 rubies.


That was some of the advantages of Senju in the game. Want to know more about this Hero ninja one? Check out more about Senju through the following ShellFire Heropedia.

Degree of difficulty

Seeing all his abilities, no wonder if he has the highest level of difficulty, namely 5. The Senju players must be smart to play their shadows to move places and let the shadow attack the enemy automatically. If the timing is right, the Senju can quickly move places and immediately use the ultimate to kill enemies without mercy because the damage is very high.

But it should be noted that the travel time from Senju auto fire is quite slow and easily avoided by players who are quite alert. It is highly recommended not to use aim assists or auto fire because if the enemy is agile enough, the Senju can barely hit it.

Hero Ability

Auto Fire: Shoot 3 shurikens to the target and produce 200 damage per shuriken.

Clone - skill 1 (Active): Senju casts a shadow in place, he can use his ability again to switch positions and give 600 damage to enemies within range.

Shadow Strike - Skill 2 (Active): The Senju casts a shadow and advances to the front line, it can use its ability to switch positions and give 600 damage to the enemy within range.

Shadow Master - Passive: The Senju can aim accurately at enemies within range and order its shadow to attack them.

Army Breaker - Ultimate: The Senju activates the Demon Blade for 7 seconds, attacks and slashes the target enemy, generating 1200 damage per slash.

Play Tips

Attack Defense

Depending on which camp, Senju gameplay can be different. If you are in the stronghold, you can spy on enemies who survive from the side and finish them off one by one. On the contrary, Senju must be able to kill the enemy before reaching the point by utilizing his shadow.

Capture Point

After capturing the objective, immediately move towards the enemy entrance and disturb them. Thanks to his shadow, the Senju can go back and forth quickly and disturb the enemy so that they reach the objective longer.


In escort mode, Senju is still classified as an effective Hero in the game. It can put shadows near payload when the enemy tries to attack and moves towards the enemy secretly. Instead, you can use the Senju to attack from a distance and immediately use the ultimate to repel enemies from the payload.

Death Match

Speaking of deathmatch, Senju is the best Hero in the class attack for this mode. High and agile damage makes it easy to kill enemies who want to come out. You can also target defense heroes like Diana easily without realizing it and killing it quickly.