ShellFire Released A New Hero Splint Destroyer, Celebrates with Exciting In-Game Event

Have you been playing Shellfire? MOBA Mobile FPS, which was officially published in the World Games on October 1, 2018 yesterday, is indeed quite exciting and unique. Now today there is another exciting surprise for you: the arrival of the new Hero Splint Destroyer and the in-game event!


Acting like a dinosaur armed with advanced rifles and thick armor, this Splint Destroyer looks cool, isn't it? And it's not just cool, by buying or using Splint you will be able to get various kinds of in-game prizes which are definitely very valuable.

Here, the Games World gives the bonuses a leak:

  • By buying a Hero Splint Destroyer, you will get a Coin;
  • Win Quick Match 5 times using Splint Destroyer, you will get a Diamond Pack;
  • Win the Rank Mode 2 times using Splint Destroyer, you will get two types of Rune level 3