Some Heroes Mobile Legends That Need to Get Rework and New Skills!

Increasingly, the popularity of the old Mobile Legends hero is fading among its players. The ability of a hero who cannot compensate and cannot combine skills with a new hero makes him abandoned. Moonton itself has given rework to some of their old school Mobile Legends heroes to be able to play and keep their players community. But not all heroes get the opportunity.

But still, in this new Season we hope Moonton will give a significant buff to his old Mobile Legends hero. Whether you get a strong buff skill or a change in their skill mechanism, we can only hope for balance on all heroes.

Who are the old Mobile Legends heroes who need to get buffs and skill changes that can make it a popular hero? Immediately we see the explanation below.

1. Hilda

Maybe some of you have forgotten the burly female hero fighters who love to play in this grass. I don't know maybe because the emergence of new heroes in a shop that is stronger and more frightening makes Hilda lose prestige.

Though Hilda used to be a fighter hero who was victorious and most difficult to defeat when he touched the green grass in the Land of Dawn. It looks like the old Mobile Legends hero needs to get increased HP regeneration and more durability in order to compete with other heroes.

Moreover, Hilda is a fighter hero who will become a tanker in the late game, but with her ability to only be strong on the grass it becomes more difficult when she will do team fight in conditions that are not much grass.

2. Estes

Who would have thought this Estes to be the oldest Mobile Legends hero with the lowest popularity, based on the official Mobile Legends website Estes only gained 0.22% in appearing on each match. You yourself must be aware now, if Estes is not visible on the Mobile Legends match. He will only appear if you play in Brawl mode which requires regen HP to continue living in one lane.

We think Estes needs to get a touch of Moonton in reworking skills and buffs to be stronger than before, which is only useful as a healer. It will be more useful if Estes has a skill that can damage the enemy while giving heal to friends.

3. Akai

Who would have thought now that Akai's hero was only a backup tank among Epic players and above. This hero has begun to fade the level of popularity as the old Mobile Legends hero who is troublesome to the opponent. In fact, this hero can still compensate for the new Mobile Legends hero in the match, but he currently looks weaker than before. Giving buffs for status on Akai will make it popular again as a Tank hero.

Akai should be able to work with his one-semester colleague, the Minotaur. Enhanced body resilience can turn those who are unpopular into a hero who is included in the ban list in a ranked match.

4. Tigreal

Strange but real, this Tigreal hero is included in the Conflict of Dawn story as a story in Season 10 which is the main enemy of Leomord. Strangely enough, this new Leomord hero was Overpower in the meta now, while Tigreal was still the same as before it didn't get a significant buff.

One side of Leomord can produce huge damage, the other side becomes a hero who loses prestige because the damage produced is very small and the resulting crowd control effect is not large.

Supposedly in the latest patch, Tigreal gets a rework skill that makes him a hero tank with damage fighter. In order to compensate for Leomord as a fighter hero who has damage like assassins.


Unlike the old Mobile Legends hero before, Alucard's case here is to get his new status due to his current build which is more of an assassin than a fighter. Heroes like Alucard are actually very flexible in determining role plays. It's just that with the new item being patched now, Alucard deviates from his original role.

This combo of skills from Alucard can instantly ground the enemy in a single attack. Chance critical of his large base damage, making Alucard can kill two opponents at once! Well! For those of you who do not have an early generation Mobile Legends hero and want to complete all the heroes at low prices. We have a quick and easy way for you to have it at a low price!