Some of the Oddities That Are in the Detective Conan Manga

Anyone who loves manga must have known this comic. Even people who don't like manga must have heard his name. No, this isn't Naruto, this is about Detective Conan; comics that have been published in print edition until the 93rd edition.

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What's interesting about this comic, one of which is that the tricks of the evil done in this comic really feel real. Even rumors say the mangaka, Gosho Aoyama, had almost been sued because the tricks he made were almost 100 percent practicable to commit real crimes.

However, it turns out that this comic also has some irregularities that you may not realize. What are they? Consider the following discussion.

3. Cases of Too Much Murder in a Narrow Time

From the beginning of this comic, it was published in the first edition, Shinichi Kudo, who was a high school student in grade 2, was given a poison that made his physique shrink and returned to being a child. He then used the pseudonym Conan Edogawa; taken from two names of mystery novelists. To hide his identity, he also wore glasses like Clark Kent, Superman's alter ego.

From the first edition to the newest, 93rd comic, Ran Mouri, who is a friend (or lover) of Shinichi aka Conan, has only had one-semester test (not explained whether it is the final or middle examination). Shinichi had classmates with Ran, that meant they were both of the same age, and until this last edition Ran had not had another semester exam.

That means, if we draw the farthest assumption that Shinichi in the first edition of the comic is poisoned a few days after the semester exam and in the last edition Ran will only carry out the semester exam for a few days, the longest time span from Edition 1 to 93 is around 11 months 3 weeks (approximately 350 days).

If in one manga we average two (approximately) murder cases and one other case, the number of cases that have occurred around Shinichi is 279 cases (including non-murder) in 350 days.

That means in 39 days of his life, he will meet at least 31 cases. Really a region with a low level of security and crime-prone, right? That's just the case that happened around Shinichi. Even Ran, in a chapter, said, "At first I was afraid to see a corpse, but because it was too frequent it became normal."

2. Nothing is aware when Kogoro's voice is imitated

Shinichi who eventually becomes Conan, lives with Ran and his father, Kogoro Mouri, a private detective former member of the police. During solving the case with his intelligence, Conan used a voice modifier to mimic Kogoro's voice after putting the detective to sleep with an anesthetic needle.

Even though it looks reasonable, you can imagine, if there is someone who mimics the voice of another person and speaks behind him, surely you will realize where the sound came from. Except if Conan uses Professor Agasa's tool in the form of a mini speaker that can be attached to Kogoro's body.

Even so, surely people will be aware because Kogoro's lips do not move at all. Just try to talk with your mouth closed, surely the only sound coming from "aaaa-uuu-aaa-uuu" is unclear.

1. Kogoro is Too Stupid

Of the approximately 279 cases that have emerged, there are only three cases that Kogoro solved with his own abilities (though still with a little help from Conan). The three cases were when Kogoro's childhood friend's stepfather killed someone, and his friend asked Kogoro for help to make his father confess. This was done because Kogoro's friend tried to cover up his father's crime.

The second is when there is a murder at a hot spring tourist location and the suspect and victim are friends of the Kogoro judo martial club during school time. The third is when he was asked to solve a secret message from a daughter of a client (he was helped by a pet cat Eri Mouri - his wife - named Goro).

In addition to these three cases, all of the analysis given by Kogoro digressed more and contradicted the truth. It is doubtful how he was able to join the police.

Apart from this oddity (well, the name is also a comic), Detective Conan's manga is a very interesting story to read because of the magic touch and research done by the mangaka Gosho Aoyama.