Strongest Build Tigreal in Mobile Legends: Strong and Immortal Tanker

Tigreal's popularity in Mobile Legends seems to be rising again and prevails after getting a buff. But many have wrongly installed gear for Tigreal, so this time we will share the strongest build of Tigreal Mobile Legends!

Indeed, Tigreal is a hero tanker. This means that it is ideal for a Tigreal to receive a lot of damage and protect friends or one-team carry so that they are free to attack opponents. Now to make Tigreal the strongest tanker hero, then you have to pair him with a gear that increases the maximum HP, and defense and magic resist.

In addition to not having to go home or recall to the base, Tigreal must also get additional HP regeneration. Well here are the strongest recommendations for building Tigreal Mobile Legends.

Thunder Belt

The mandatory gear for Tigreal to use is the Thunder Belt. This gear will add maximum HP, which regen, cooldown reduction and armor to Tigreal. By using the Thunder Belt, Tigreal becomes stronger. In addition he can also issue skills faster without having to worry about running out of mana.

The passive addition to Thunderbold will also strengthen Tigreal. This passive will make Tigreal's basic attack stronger after he uses the skill.

Warrior Boots

For shoes used, it is recommended to use Warrior Boots gear. This gear will increase Tigreal's movement speed so that it moves faster. In addition to movement speed, Warrior Boors will also add armor from Tigreal so that it can withstand the enemy's physical damage.

Tigreal will also get a passive addition to Valor. This passivity will increase physical defense by up to 15 points each Tigreal affected by basic attacks.

Cursed Helmet

Furthermore, the Tigreal match is paired with the Cursed Helmet gear. This gear will add maximum HP and magic resist from Tigreal. With a maximum increase of HP and magic resist, Tigreal becomes more sustainable when dealing with enemy mages.

In addition to these two attributes, Tigreal will also get a passive Burning effect. This effect will give the opponent around him and give damage magic based on the maximum HP from Tigreal.

Antique Cuirass

Next, there is a gear that enhances Tigreal's sustainability by increasing three important attributes, namely maximum HP, armor and regen HP. With the increase of these three attributes, Tigreal will increasingly become a tanker that is resistant, and does not need to go home for the contents of the HP because of the HP regen.

Antique Cuirass will also give a passive effect, Deter. This passive effect will reduce the enemy's attack power when the enemy attacks Tigreal.

Twilight Armor

The fifth gear that can be used by Tigreal is Twilight Armor. This gear will add maximum Tigreal HP, which is the maximum and also get additional HP regen. The more sustain and regen HP, the bigger it will certainly be troublesome for opponents who are dealing with Tigreal. In addition, which improvement will certainly make Tigreal able to spam skills.

The defensive passive addition will also be obtained Tigreal. This passive will make physical damage received no more than 900 points.


Finally, there is an Immortality gear that is recommended for use by Tigreal. By using Immortality, Tigreal will get a maximum additional HP and magic resist. Two attributes that will perfect the Tigreal figure into a tank that is difficult to fight and finish. A truly perfect tanker.

Besides, Tigreal will also get a passive Immortal that gives him a second life with a 15% HP and also a shield to fight again.

That's the gear combination for the strongest Tigreal Mobile Legends build. With this build you will make Tigreal a tanker that is difficult to die. One more thing you have to remember when using Tigreal, you have to pair it with the recommended ability or Battle Spell, namely Flicker.

By using Flicker, Tigreal will be able to chase opponents instantaneously to lock, or to be stunned when they want to be picked up by an opponent.

Don't forget to share this strongest build article of Tigreal Mobile Legends to your friends! Don't let you use the gear attack, let alone magic, because Tigreal is a strong tanker!