The Latest and Strongest Grock Build by Donkey in Mobile Legends

Grock is one of the few hero tanks that are still popular today, even though the meta alternating hero with rock weapon is still the main choice for pro players. Both in competitive scenarios and pub matches, Grock can be a deadly tank, this is the latest super Donkey grock build!

The newest grock Donkey build, proved to be quite effective. With the amazingly slick game shown by the barbarian tribal chief, the Louvre remains one of the most terrifying threats to competing teams such as RRQ or Onic.

1. Rapid Boots

Build Grock Donkey

For the first gear you have to be Rapid Boots, this is not without reason. With a super large body, it turns out Grock can move very agile. This is thanks to the help of his passive skill, Ancestral Gift, this passive skill allows Grock to move quickly when it is close to the wall.

Rapid boots allow Grock to run even faster with an additional 90 movement speed. With a fairly fast movement speed, Grock can land a punch from his power of natural skill easily at the beginning of the game.

Successfully hit about 360 damage at the beginning of the game, opponents who are one lane with Grock must also think twice about playing aggressively or advancing to offside.

2. Dominance Ice

Build Grock Donkey

The second gear for the Grock Donkey build is Dominance Ice, yes the Grock we play is intended or we function as a tank, so from the start playing the gear we made is a gear that provides additional defense for either armor or utility.

Ice Dominance provides a pretty good utility effect besides the addition of armor points that are quite large, the effect is that the opponent is around you will experience a slow movement speed of five percent, and a slow attack speed of 30 percent.

So if you combine it with Rapid Boots, when chasing opponents. You will be able to easily catch your opponents and beat them with your skill set.

3. Athena's Shield

Build Grock Donkey

The third gear is also still around the defensive gear, the gear that can make Grock harder to kill when deciding to dive into the opponent's tower. Athena’s Shield that provides a shield to absorb damage of 150 points, will be very helpful and provide additional shields for passive skills, if Grock is close to the tower or wall.

When grock is near a wall or turret, in addition to providing a shield that we mix with Athena's Shield, this skill also gives an additional movement speed of ten percent.

4. Immortality

Build Grock Donkey

As a tank, we have to play aggressively, dare to open a war, and have to lock him or three key hero opponents. Tank is a hero who can resist the opponent's attacks far better than other heroes like fighters or even assassins.

But playing tanks does not mean without risk, because usually, you are the target of your opponent's hero. Especially assassins or fighter opponents if you are in a wrong position and your teammates cannot help. Therefore for the fourth gear of this Grock Donkey build, you should not miss it.

You have to make Immortality, a gear that is quite imba when used by tank type heroes. Gives a resurrect hero skill effect with a total of 15 percent of HP, and an additional up to 1000 points absorb damage that makes Grock even harder to kill. That way you can play more freely in doing the initiation, without the need to think afraid to die.

5. Oracle

Build Grock Donkey

The saying goes the more we get hurt the more we become strong, maybe that's what Moonton wants to say when they create this gear. Oracle is a gear that can increase the shield absorption that you already have from the previous gear.

Has a regenerative effect that is fairly unreasonable, aka the imba that is equal to 25 percent, it will make Grock you do not need to go back to the base if the war has finished. Just keep quiet for a moment and poof ... your HP is full.

You like being in the base are very tough and can't be killed easily, unless all the cores of the opponent's hero decide to beat you up. But that is impossible because it would be very dear to issue all the skills to just knock down one tank.

6. Thunder Belt

Build Grock Donkey

Now after debt with four pure gear for defensive, now is the time to make a gear that we are still destined for defensive, but has the ability to be an offensive gear. Thunder Belt is a gear that is very suitable for tanks, especially Grock.

Because this gear besides providing additional HP and also armor, this gear also provides cooldown reductions so you can spam your one skill. Besides that, the effect of adding damage to the total amount of HP after you issue a skill will make your Power of Nature skill even worse.

Now that was the newest super-hard grock Donkey guide or build, this build has delivered Donkey and the Louvre won lots of tournaments and weekly matches in the second season of MPL.