The Latest Build Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends: Strong and Unstoppable Tank

Gatotkaca, who never entered the meta at all, suddenly fought over, there were several patches and buffs that became his own reason. But the main reason for choosing Gatotkaca is because of the effects of his ultimate skill, this is the newest and strongest Gatotkaca build!

The ultimate skill that gets a revamp is quite large, it has an incredible crowd control effect. Provides a stun and vacuum effect to pull the opponent midway from the skill. Besides that, also one skill and his two skills also become stronger, now the latest Gatotkaca build will make you auto win.

Because our focus will be to play Gatotkaca as a hero tank, then all the gear that we will build is gear that provides additional defense and HP. But there is also one gear that gives additional attacks based on the percentage of the cellphone om Gatot.

1. Wizard Boots

The first gear that you must and must build, because basically, the tank doesn't have enough damage. So your main gold source for this game is through assists. Wizard Boots are gear that can give you all.

Sometimes people prefer to build Warrior Boots because they provide additional armor, but your growth gold will be slower. Therefore, with a unique passive named Plunder that gives additional gold if you get an assist kill, it will make you get rich quick.

2. Cursed Helmet

The second gear for the latest Gatotkaca build is your first defensive gear, Cursed Helmet gives a pretty good addition to the start of the game. Like 920 HP and 50 magic resist, so if you are one lane or want to gank against the mage, you don't need to be afraid anymore.

In addition, the effects of this gear will last until the game enters the late game phase, with a unique passive status of 1.5 percent of the opponent's HP to damage, will make the fighter and hero tank opponent become overwhelmed in the face of attacks from you.

Cursed Helmet is also useful for you to clean up existing wave minions, because of additional damage of 50 percent against opponent's minions. With the one skill that you can knock out, make the wave minions run out faster.

3. Thunder Belt

This is the third gear and spike gear from the Om Gatot, giving additional that is needed by tank type heroes, such as total HP, armor and the most important thing is that cooldown reductions will make you not have to think long enough to spam skills.

Besides that, your ultimate cooldown will be faster, you will be able to easily crowd against the opposing team. Besides that, another terrible effect of this gear is the passive attack effect, which will be active when you have issued a skill.

Damage that comes out is as much as two percent of the mobile phones we have, obviously making opposing heroes such as assassins and fighter will think twice to fight corners with om Gatot.

4. Blade Armor

It must be annoying if we become a tank that can only withstand attacks, without being able to beat back opponents who beat us. Although Om Gatot has the ability to beat back opponents who beat him, but still better if the damage is more than 25 percent.

The armor blade provides an extra large armor that is 90 points, plus a return effect that will be smashed back to the opponent who dares to beat Gatot when he initiates.

Besides that, this build is perfect if you use battle spells in the form of Vengance, why? Because every damage that comes in when you use Vengance or when you activate this battle spell, the opponent who hits you will get damage too. So it will give additional damage to your Blade Armor effect.

5. Sky Guardian Helmet

Most lazy it feels that if we are cool, war is over, we have to be tired of going home to fill the blood. Especially if the game is nearing the end and if you go home, you will not get the chance to push because the opponent is alive.

Therefore this fifth gear will be very helpful if you get the opportunity to push. Sky Guardian Helmet gives the effect of 100 HP regeneration points and also 1.5 percent regeneration of the total HP we have.

With a fairly large cellphone especially the game is nearing its end, the Sky Guardian Helmet effect will really be felt. The regeneration effect you have may be equivalent to the effect if you are on the base.

6. Immortality

Now, this is a weapon or a secret heirloom from the hero tanks, because with this gear you don't need to fear death. Immortality gives you a second life, it is very helpful if the game becomes very long and the damage from the assassin and the opponent's fighter has been missed.

By giving a pause in the form of cooldown skill from the opponent hero, because the opponent hero has already beat Gatot first, then your assassin can without hesitation enter and beat the opponent.