The Latest Build Kagura by RRQ. Lemon with Super Umbrella

Maybe now we rarely see Lemon using its signature hero, Kagura. There are many factors. due to changes in formation until opponents who always auto banned Kagura when dealing with RRQ. But don't worry, we will still give the latest kagura build in the style of Lemon RRQ.

This latest amazed build in Lemon RRQ style article aims to provide experience, or user experience directly to the loyal fans of Mobile Legends specifically the Lemon RRQ. Lemon himself admits that this build has the strongest build ever for Kagura.

There's no question about Lemon's newest Kagura build, we all know very well that Lemon is the global top for beautiful heroes with umbrellas as their weapons. Even every game that is played by RRQ, the opponent will definitely throw Kagura so that it doesn't cause disaster!

1. Arcane Boots

The first gear that you can build right away is Arcane Boots, giving a pretty good status actually until the first two minutes, that is, 18 points of magic penetration can make Kagura's Seimei Umbrella feel very painful. In addition, the additional effect is the movement speed point of 40, which is indeed needed by Kagura if the blink skill with Seimei Umbrella is a cooldown.

2. Lightning Truncheon

The second gear that you have to build if you want to feel playing Lemon-like Kagura, having this gear from the beginning of the game can make the game in your hands. Because of what? This gear has a tremendous effect for mage heroes when the game enters the fourth minute.

Giving an additional magic points of 75, then which is 300 points and cooldown reduction of 10 percent, will make Kagura's umbrella fly there and come here without stopping. The creepy effect of this gear is its passive unique.

Because after you throw your umbrella, then when pressing Seimei Umbrella again besides giving an outside stun and extraordinary damage it hurts. The resulting magic damage will increase by which max of the opponent hero you beat.

3. Concentrated Energy

Mages do have tremendous damage, even a thick tank can be made very quickly. But still the nature and predicate "Glass Cannon" can not be separated and tightly attached to the mage. You will be able to easily be killed by an assassin or fighter opponent if you are off guard.

Therefore this fourth gear has an extraordinary effect, okay, Concentrated Energy can be a lifeline gear from kagura. In addition to providing additional magic points, this gear also provides an additional HP of 700 points. Besides that the vamp spell effect will make your Kagura harder to kill.

If you succeed in killing your opponent's hero, then you will get an HP recovery effect or capability of ten percent of your total cellphone.

4. Divine Glaive

This one gear, the basic effect is not too good, it only gives magic power of 65 points, but make no mistake, the terrible effect is in its passive unique, which is the additional magic penetration of 40 percent.

Not only there, if your cellphone is above 70 percent, but magic penetration will also increase by 30 percent. It hurts ... got hit by an umbrella if this is the story.

5. Fleeting Time

The fifth gear that you can build to feel like lemon RRQ, when playing Kagura is Fleeting time. The special mage gear that gives a pretty nonsensical effect is good from the basic effect. until his unique passive makes Lemon very much in love with this gear when playing Kagura.

The effect of this unique passive gear is how it works almost the same as the ultimate of Martis. When Martis manages to kill an opponent with his ultimate, the cooldown of his ultimate will be completely set. Likewise with Fleeting time.

When Kagura managed to kill or do an assist kill, Kagura's ultimate cooldown will be as much as 35 percent. Most if it succeeds in killing two opponents, it will be set at 70 percent. You can spam as you wish.

6. Blood Wings

Yes, as usual, when you will build the last gear, usually your team has won, or roughly you only need five gear to win the match. At least that's what Lemon said when sharing his build secrets.

But if the match can't be won with just five gear, the sixth gear will definitely make you win with certainty. Blood Wings are like the magic version of Sky Guardian Helmet, because they provide quite a large HP boosting in addition to magic power.

Where did the big cellphone boosting come from? A passive effect named Nirvana was the cause, Nirvana gave 1.5 HP for every one magic point that Kagura had. With an additional 150 magic points from this gear alone, the rough count has 150 magic points multiplied by 1.5 HP. Then the magic points from the gear that we made before are not yet.