The Strongest Build Roger Mobile Legends: The Unstoppable Fighter!

In the latest Roger Mobile Legends build, you must use a gear that increases the physical damage that is high enough as well as critical to kill your opponent. With high damage and critical on the latest Roger Mobile Legends build, it means you also have to aggressively beat your opponent in playing Roger!

What are the gear recommended on this latest Roger Mobile Legends build? Let's see the combination of the gear below.

build roger mobile legends terbaru

Demon Shoes

For shoes, we recommend Demon Shoes. The reason for using Demon Shoes is because of which regeneration additions Roger got. Roger will get an increase in movement speed that is quite large, which is 40 points, just like other shoes.

But what is different is the passive Mysticism which will give regeneration where every kill the opponent hero and monster.

Scarlet Phantom

Next, there is a gear to enhance the important attribute for Roger, the Scarlet Phantom. This gear will add physical attacks, a fairly large attack speed and critical chance. Roger's damage will be bigger and more painful for the opponent, plus a faster attack speed and also twice the chance of damage to the critical attack done by Roger.

Plus Roger will get passive Frenzy. This passive will increase Roger's attack speed and also the possibility of a critical rate for 2 seconds.

Endless Battle

Next, there is one more gear that is suitable to be paired with Roger, Endless Battle. This gear will add physical attack, which regen, maximum HP, cooldown reduction, movement speed and Roger's lifesteal. With the addition of a fairly complete attribute above, Roger will be freer to chase opponents because they have large and sustained damage and are not afraid to run out of mana.

This gear will also give a very deadly passive namely Divine Justice. This passive will give an additional 85% of the physical attack as true damage after Alucard releases the skill! Critical plus, can instant delete opponents.

Berserker’s Fury

Next, the gear used is Berserker's Fury. This gear will add Alucard's physical attack very large and also the possibility of a higher critical attack. In addition, the uniqueness of this gear will also increase 40% damage from critical Alucard attacks! And when the critical attack from Roger comes out, the next physical attack will increase by 5% for 2 seconds.


Next is the Windtalker gear that will add an attack speed of 40%, movement speed of 20 points and 10% critical possibility of Roger. With the addition of the three attributes above, Roger will attack faster and also have faster mobility in moving to catch your opponent or run away from the opponent's pursuit.

Passive Typhoon from Windtalker will also make Roger's attack even worse with an additional 100 magic damage every 3.5 seconds.


Lastly, there is an Immortality gear that you can use for Roger. This gear will make Roger more sustain against the mage because there is a maximum additional HP and magic resist.In addition, Roger will get a resurrect effect, aka back to life 2 seconds after his death with 15% HP and shield due to passive Immortal.

That's the combination of gear for the latest Roger Mobile Legends build in this season 10. By using a combination of gear above, you can continue to fight against enemies with big damage without fear of running out of mana.

Oiya, to maximize the potential of the latest Roger Mobile Legends build, you can make it as a jungler and pair it with an ability or battle spell Retribution.

With Retribution, Roger will be faster at eliminating monsters in the forest and increasing levels faster because he gets extra faster EXP from monsters.

Roger as a jungler also allows him to do a faster movement. Take advantage of the bush or grass area to hide and gang up on enemies who look alone.