Tips and Guide Chromie ShellFire, Alien Turret Threats!

Chromie is one of the defend heroes in ShellFire turret specialists. All of his abilities are more focused on the turret he has. Although the mobility is low, Chromie can maintain one team with his skill heal. It can also get stronger for a few moments and make the enemy have to retreat immediately when the duration of the skill is. To get a Chromie, you must do a treasure alias roulette to get it. If you are lucky, you can get a Chromie with just one turn.

That's a few advantages about Chromie. Want to know more about this alien? Read more about Heropedia below.

Degree of difficulty

Heropedia Chromie ShellFire, Alien Turret Threats!

Including beginner friendly, Chromie only has 1-star difficulty level. His job in the game is more to heal friends using a turret, put the turret to damage, and strengthen himself for a while. Shooting the enemy using the auto fire is only a side.

Even though it's easy, Chromie is also difficult because you need to place a good turret. If not, the enemy can destroy it easily and you cannot put the turret again because the cooldown is long enough.

Hero Ability

Heropedia Chromie ShellFire, Alien Turret Threats!

Auto Fire: Chromie fires the enemy using his lightning pistol. Produce 300 damage to the enemy or cure 300 HP to the turret.

Laser Turret - Skill 1: Chromie calls a laser turret that automatically attacks the enemy within a certain distance and produces 300 damage.

Healing Turret - Skill 2: Call the healing turret for 8 seconds. Friends of friends who are nearby will get a healing effect of 125 HP per second.

Alien Force - Ultimate: Chromie stimulates his alien energy. Increase HP by 1500 HP for 10 seconds and increase the strength of the turret fight for the duration.

Play Tips

Attack Defence

In this mode, Chromie is preferred to be in the defense camp because the turret can easily protect the objective. He can put his turret in an objective or in places difficult to reach by enemies. Chromie can also call Healing Turrets to help healer assignments.

Capture Point

Most defense heroes are not recommended for use in this mode, including Chromie. His ability to install a turret will be more difficult because of the enemy position and friends who are on one point. But if the team manages to get a place first, Chromie can secure the objective with its turret.


In Escort mode, Chromie is most useful on both sides thanks to its turret. He can put the turret near the payload so that the enemy cannot approach or make it difficult for the enemy to deliver the payload by placing it near the gate.

Death Match

All standard heroes are used in this mode and have equal potential. However, Chromie was far superior if he managed to master the middle position or near the enemy spawn door. With a Healing Turret and Laser Turret, Chromie can keep one side of the door alone.

That was the brief heropedia about Chromie. It's not advisable to use aim assist because Chromie can lose control while trying to cure the turret. It's better to just use auto fire and don't forget to shoot manually to the turret to prevent the turret from being destroyed quickly.