Vainglory Heropedia: Inara: Pure Hero Jungler, A Hero of Wall-Skip!

Super Evil Megacorp, the developer of Vainglory, some time ago had released a teaser about their latest Hero. He is a Vainglory Hero named Inara, a protective figure of the forest armed with a double sword. With her figure that looks agile, what can this Hero be? You could say he is the wall-skip queen or you can pass the wall easily. Curious? Let's see the following Heropedia Inara Vainglory!

Sacred Grove - Heroic Perk

Vainglory Heropedia: Inara: Hero Jungler Murni Jagoan Wall-Skip!

Inara had a Spirit Companion who became his friend. This Spirit Companion will have the following effects:
  • When in the forest, Spirit Companion will seize the closest monster Treant (Crystal, Weapon, Gold) that will give Inara vision to the Treant;
  • If you tap attacking the Treant from behind the wall, Inara will automatically jump to the Treant marked by Spirit Companion and attack the Treant that is targeted with normal attacks;
  • After killing the Treant, Inara will receive movespeed surges for a moment.

Dance of Leaves - Ability A

Vainglory Heropedia: Inara: Hero Jungler Murni Jagoan Wall-Skip!

Inara danced, spinning while slashing the double sword she was holding.
  • When activated, enemies around the Inara rotation area will be exposed to damage and also a large slow effect;
  • This damage skill is CP damage;
  • When maximized (Overdrive) this skill doesn't have Energy alias costs to be zero Energy Cost.

Banishing Kick - Ability B

Vainglory Heropedia: Inara: Hero Jungler Murni Jagoan Wall-Skip!

Inara kicked hard which blew away all the enemies in front of her.
  • This skill is a cone-shaped skill area that will deal with any enemy Hero in the area;
  • When activated, Inara will jump backward while the enemy will bounce forward, which means that it will give the distance between Inara and the enemy;
  • The enemy affected by this skill will automatically be struck by Spirit Companion, give vision, and Inara can jump directly to the enemy that is marked when you tap their attack;
  • If the enemy bounces towards the wall, it will be stunned (Like Lance's Gythian Wall effect);
  • You can jump over the wall with this skill if there is a wall behind you and you activate this skill in the opposite direction from the wall.

Nature's Wrath - Ultimate

Vainglory Heropedia: Inara: Hero Jungler Murni Jagoan Wall-Skip!

Inara uses the forces of nature to help her in battle.
  • When activated Inara and all his friends nearby will get additional movement speed;
  • Inara can reactivate this skill to lunge forward while attacking, which will damage all enemies in front of him (like Kensei's Path of the Ronin).
Basic Tips to Play Inara

This hero is arguably the first pure jungler hero in Vainglory 5v5, so it is certain that this Hero is placed in the Jungle to maximize his Heroic Perk. Regarding the build it looks like this Hero is quite flexible, it could be CP or WP.

If according to our predictions, the WP build will make Inara a carry damage dealer. While the CP build will make Inara a Hero utility that can help friends to initiate battles with Ultimate, while ruffling it with Banishing Kick.

Regarding tips on playing, one of the combos that you must know is the Ulti-Banishing Kick-Dance of Leaves combo. This combo is quite simple, you turn on the Ultimate to run from a distance. Set the target you want to kick, lunge with Ultimate, kick it with Banishing Kick, then you just stay away with Dance of Leaves and basic attacks.