Yuru Camp Anime Announced The Second Season!

Are you Yuru Camp anime fans? There's good news for you! Yuru Camp gets its second season. If you have inspired to camp on the mountain thanks to this anime, maybe you can follow the second season later when camping too.


Reporting from Yurukyan △ Himitsu Kessha Blanket Nyuudan Setsumeikan in Saitama, Japan, which was held on Sunday, October 7 yesterday, it was confirmed that the Yuru Camp anime will get its second season.

Previously rumors had circulated that the camping anime franchise would get its second season, big screen film, and short films. But of the three rumors, only the second season has been confirmed by the cultivator.

It seems we must be satisfied first because only one rumor has become a fact. Maybe the remaining two rumors will be confirmed as well in the near future. Let's hope! Seyana ~