5 Best Heroes Tank Mobile Legends October 2018 Edition!

Inevitably, the presence of a Hero tank in Mobile Legends is highly expected and can increase the chances of your team to win. High defense and equipped with various control effects are some of their strengths in the game. These Hero tanks usually serve as initiators and provide a gap for members of their team to fight. But to use this Hero tank is actually not arbitrary because besides having to have a sharp instinct when looking for loopholes, they also have to have souls not afraid to die in order to protect other team members so they can win.


Until now, there have been 14 tank heroes available on the official server. However, there are only 5 'best' heroes in this month. Who are they? Let's see more in here.

5. Minotaur

No one thought that reworking the Minotaur would have a big impact and made the Minotaur in fourth place. This bull hero can now jump up and down, give a heal effect, and is very hard when hit by an enemy in rage mode. It also makes it easier to manage the rage since Minoan Fury has 2 modes. With the right timing, the Minotaur can just mess with enemy defenses. In this month, it has a winrate of 51.11%.

4. Kaja

The figure of a hero tank in the form of a half-bird man turned out to still be reliable in various matches of Mobile Legends. Until now, Kaja (read: rich) is still the only hero who can draw enemies to a greater distance from his flock. When equipped with a battle spell flicker, Kaja can kidnap 1 hero and take him to a crowd of friends and finish him instantly. In one-on-one conditions Kaja was still very strong even though he was a tank hero. Kaja is in fourth position with a winrate of 51.18%.

3. Lolita

Lolita's ability as a true tank need not be doubted. She has Courage Bulwark that is able to fend off basic attacks and reverse detained damage, as well as passive skills with additional shields if it is not hit for a few seconds. Not to mention she has high damage from all her skills to the maximum potential and makes the enemy unable to carelessly approach him. She is also one of the Hero tanks that has the longest stun duration in a large area. This month, it has a winrate of 52.88%.

2. Johnson

Until now, there are no tank heroes who can be as flexible as Johnson in terms of holding damage or dealing damage. Despite relying on magic damage, Johnson will only get sick if he increases his armor! If you want to make him sicker and thicker, buying armor-enhancing items is the solution. Johnson was very strong when dealing with physical heroes and could overwhelm the enemy when combined with hero areas such as Alice or Hanabi. He rose to second place with a winrate of 53.62%.

1. Gatotkaca

This Hero tank taken from Indonesian puppetry does indeed have extraordinary power since getting reworked on his skills. Gatotkaca has very high physical defense thanks to his Steel Bones so he simply adds items to increase resistance magic such as Oracle, Athena's Shield, Immortality and others to balance his defense. If you have reached a high level, killing Gatotkaca alone will be very difficult, especially if the enemy hero is within range. Not to mention the presence of the Vengeance battle spell, Gatotkaca can kill marksman heroes like Claude or Karrie easily.