5 Heroes in Mobile Legends that are Suitable for a Solo Rank Tier Master!

If you have already talked about playing ranked matches in Mobile Legends, you certainly have a headache with the Heroes being picked by your friends. Not only arbitrarily, but the composition of Hero is also very messy and can be in one team consisting of 3 marksman! If you are like this, you haven't started the game, it's also triggered to get angry right? But just calm down guys! The author has a list of Hero Mobile Legends that are suitable for push rank solos for those of you in the Master tier.


This hero-hero does not mean giving you the chance to win 100 percent, but they can make you win easier. Who are they curious about? Check out more below.

5. Johnson

In the rank rank class that doesn't have a Hero pool, the Johnson will be hard to kill considering that this tier uses more old heroes like Zilong, Alucard, or Layla. By utilizing Johnson, you already have quite a lot of control effects and are not afraid even though you have to face many Heroes at once.

You can strengthen Johnson with various physical defense items because Johnson gets additional damage also on his skills.

4. Alpha

Still for the same reason as Johnson, Alpha has the extraordinary power to be in the lane. Your job is just push turret because in this tier the three enemies are also in midlane. Using Force Swing and Rotary Impact, Alpha can clean minions quickly and destroy large amounts of turrets with friend minions.

3. Lesley

Big damage, long range, and agile are some of Lesley's advantages in the game. With these three points, Lesley is very suitable to be used as a hero for solo rank in the Masterclass. If equipped with armor penetration items such as Malefic Roar and Blade of Despair as damage enhancing items, Lesley can produce tremendous damage both to the turret and enemy hero.

But keep in mind also that Lesley is not easy to use because its potential only appears when entering mid game or already has at least two core items.

2. Lunox

You can use the mage hero who has four skills to push solo rank easily. Lunox can survive in the lane very well only with Demon Shoes. Not to mention if you already have items that increase damage magic such as the Holy Crystal or Lightning Truncheon, old-school heroes that are commonly used will disappear quickly when facing Lunox.

He is also quite difficult to kill if his twilight is more because he gets his defense and ultimate making Lunox immune from all types of damage and control effects, making it easy for new ones.

1. Minotaur

The hero of the rework results you must also have and use in the Master rank. He has a skill that is very useful in the game because not only has damage, the Minotaur can also overwhelm the enemy because of his heal skills and Minoan Fury who can throw all enemies in his area. As a relatively cheap hero of 15,000 battle points, the Minotaur is your power pick to get rid of your Master rank restraints.