5 Most Comfortable Game Controllers Used Throughout History!

Technological developments are increasingly rapid, making the gaming industry also motivated to become more advanced. This can be seen from the many types of video games sold in the market. For you lovers of the Nintendo game console of the '90s, you certainly have felt the thrill of playing the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) console right? Try to compare with the Nintendo Switch which currently has many features and is increasingly sophisticated, surely you will definitely be more at home to play games. What's more with the presence of controllers with various types and designs that can make your gaming experience even more exciting.


Now speaking the controller, this time the author will discuss some of the most comfortable controller recommendations in history that you can see below!

5. NES controller

Not long ago Nintendo has released the NES Classic Edition which offers a nostalgic feel compared to the latest games. This proves that the NES console and controller are not consumed by age. Sales of the NES Classic Edition console are also very high, especially after the classic console was released, not a few of the third parties also made cheap versions.

The box-shaped NES controller with a few simple buttons succeeded in seducing gamers in the '90s today. No wonder the NES controller is one of the most delicious controllers of all time.

4. DualShock 4

Although it looks similar to the previous generation, DualShock 4 has a number of additional new and up-to-date features. A built-in two-point capacitive touch pad that can be clicked on this controller. The sensation of this controller will increase when you play sports games such as PES or FIFA.

The buttons on the DualShock 4 include the PS button, the SHARE button, the Option key, the direction key, the action key consisting of a circle, X, and a box, shoulder button (R1 / L1), trigger (R2 / L2), analog stick (L3 / R3) and clickable touch pad.

3. Xbox 360 controller

Besides being able to play Xbox, the Xbox 360 controller can also be used for PCs with various OS types provided you have an additional wireless device. Because of wireless technology, this controller requires a battery that can be recharged. This controller is best to use when you are playing a Fighting and FPS (First Person Shooter) game.

For those of you who are familiar with this controller, you must be familiar with the symbols on the Xbox 360 controller button that are different from the symbols on the PlayStation controller. Until now there are many color variants that make this controller more fun and cool.

2. SEGA Mega Drive controller

Gamers of the '90s would agree that the SEGA Mega Drive or SEGA Genesis controller is the most comfortable controller besides the NES controller. By having 6 buttons lined up on the right side, those of you who have never played using this controller will definitely feel strange.

SEGA first released the Mega Drive controller in 1993 with a more minimalist size and weight to play Street Fighter II at the time. Until now the second generation Sega controller has still considered the best controller even though the next generation has many kinds of improvements.

1. Nintendo Wii controller

The Nintendo Switch is a revolutionary controller today. Although it is small and minimalist, it does not leave its essence as a console controller. Interestingly, the controller named Joycon was based on the control of the Wii which became the forerunner of an ergonomic controller.

The Wii controller uses Bluetooth technology and can read movements. Moreover, this controller is very comfortable when held because of its slim and long shape. The number of bright color variants and attractive designs can make the Nintendo Wii console different than others.