5 Weaknesses of the New Hero AOV Amily That Proves She Isn't OP!

For you players of the Arena of Valor Indonesia, you must have realized that the signs of Amily's arrival were near! This one hero does look very strong, but is it true that this Hero has no gaps and no weakness at all? Before buying it later at the time of release, first, know the five weaknesses of this Hero!


5. Weak on Burst

When it comes to burst damage, maybe this is indeed the weakness of many Heroes. But Amily herself actually has a skill that makes it hard, but still weak against burst damage. This skill is his Ultimate, Enrage, which allows him to hold up to 100 damage. However, if it is hit, consider 1,000 damage, even if it is reduced by 100 damage it will still be 900 damage.

4. Not So Hard, Not So Damage

Skillset and also the natural attributes make Amily so far seem confusing to build. If it builds full damage, Amily is not like Airi that can burst down enemies quickly; then if you build a tank, Amily will be less damaged to disrupt the enemy backline.

One side may be this Hero is more balanced, on the other hand attributes like this can make this Hero so difficult to get a place in the current meta. So far this may still be a weakness, but we'll see when it's released some time later.

3. Unusual Skill Combinations

Again, the balance that makes this hero can be good or maybe even gets no place in the meta. Amily's Passive Duel allows her to deal large damage when 1v1, but she has a Combo skill that makes her task of roaming help friends.

Again, this is still a question, whether it's weakness, or maybe the strength of this Hero. But until the release later, this might be a minus value for him; because the skillset is what makes Amily Hero 'wishy-washy' between a 1v1 monster or a deadly ganker.

2. Can Enter, Difficult to Get Out

Maybe because Amily's position was a warrior she was made agile but not too agile. Therefore, this also becomes a deficiency of this Hero: Amily seems to be designed to move forward when it has been entered once. Amily has many initiation skills or term is close, but if you pay attention, there is no one skill that you can use to get out or run away from the fight.

Maybe a Combo or Kickblade can be used to run away, but of course it's not very reliable because it only gives a bonus movespeed and the Combo can only wallskip thin walls.

1. Too dependent on the ulti

Seeing Ultimate Amily who can give her a power boost, of course this on one side can be a weakness. Indeed, when Ultimate attacks can be very painful plus damage burn per second. But if you don't have an Ulti? Amily would be having a hard time being able to sustain and fight in teamfight.

This cooldown skill is also quite long which is 60 seconds, with a cooldown reduction maybe the fastest can make this CD skill become 40 seconds. This certainly can be one of the other weaknesses of this Hero.

With his position as a warrior / assassin plus the Hero skillset who was wishy-washy as explained earlier, it is possible that later Amily will have the same fate as Airi in the early days; when it's not too hard but the damage isn't too much.