7 Most Horrifying Monsters in Resident Evil Series!

Halloween is a celebration that you can meet in a number of Western and Asian countries on October 31, a tradition that is always synonymous with scary and scary things. Commemorating Halloween, this time the author will invite you to find out some of the most terrible monsters in the Resident Evil franchise.


The game developed by Capcom did indeed make gamers frightened by the tense nuances it presents, especially monsters that have unusual shapes. 

7. Brain Sucker aka Drain Deimos

There is nothing more sinister than being chased by a monster named Brain Sucker aka Drain Deimos in the title Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. As the name implies, this monster has the ability to suck the brain of each target.

By utilizing all three of his hands he was able to grip the victim firmly and suck his head to death. Not only sucks, Brain Sucker can also walk on the wall and jump towards you.

6. Chainsaw Man aka Dr. Salvador

If you ever feel the thrill Resident Evil 4 must be upset when meeting monsters shaped like humans who use a chainsaw as their weapons.

How come? Because the monster named Chainsaw Man aka Dr. Salvador appeared at the beginning of the game and managed to panic. He has the characteristics of fat body with the head closed sack and equipped with a chainsaw machine. After first being treated to the neck of your sawed character to break up, it is guaranteed that you will feel terror every time you hear the sound of a saw in the distance.

5. Scagdead aka Comms Officer

One of the most terrible monsters in Resident Evil: Revelations is Scagdead. He is a change from Comms Officer who became a monster due to the T-Abyss virus. Having two heads, a disgusting form, and having sharp teeth is certainly a monster that you often avoid in Revelations.

4. G aka William Birkin

In the title Resident Evil 2, G is the most creepy monster. His ability to continue to evolve makes his players think that these monsters cannot be killed. The form of change is also increasingly creepy and no longer like humans. Well lucky Capcom has developed a remake version of Resident Evil 2 and of course all curious fans will be like what this G will look like.

3. Licker

Just like G, Licker is a monster that you can find in Resident Evil 2. This monster is a mutated human being to become a deadly zombie in the series. Although it does not have a sense of sight, the Licker can find out the location where the target is to rely on the sense of smell and sharp hearing. Even in the dark, Licker can move quickly and prey on its target using its long tongue.

2. T-Type Nemesis

The Resident Evil monster that deserves a hard-to-die title might fall on the figure of Nemesis. He became the most creepy monster and very iconic for his players. Nemesis first appeared in the Resident Evil 3 game series. Throughout the game, you will always be terrorized by this terrible zombie. Even though you can try to kill him using Bazzoka, Nemesis will appear elsewhere.

1. Eveline

When you first play the Resident Evil VII: Biohazard game, the impression you get is a ghost or demon figure. But the real concept in this game is not a ghost. Well, this game made by Capcom does have many antagonistic characters who will become your enemy. But the most iconic figure in Resident Evil VII is Eveline.

This Eveline character initially looks like a ghost, but as you enter into the game you will find out that the figure is apparently a genetically engineered creature. The figure of a small child who wants this family is guaranteed to keep on remembering your head after you play Resident Evil VII.