7 Recommended Mobile Games that You Deserve in November 2018

Wow, it doesn't feel like it's now in November. Soon the year will change. Following this changing month, your games might change too. Well, this time the author has chosen seven mobile games that have been released lately and you can play in November, while the crowd is busy playing this game. What's the game? Check below, let's!


7. SEGA Pocket Club Manager

For those of you who like to be a manager of a football club like playing a Football Manager game, you will certainly like this one game. The coolness of SEGA Pocket Club Manager is that now you can take care of a football club via a smartphone.

Besides SEGA Pocket Club Manager offers a simulation to become a football manager, you can also form your own football team from world-famous players.

6. RWBY: Amity Arena

Do you like the Clash Royale game and also anime fans? If so, it means you will be very fit with this one game. RWBY: Amity Arena presents gameplay where you have to defend your base from future attacks. More interesting than Clash Royale, each of your characters in RWBY: Amity Arena can issue special moves that can help you play.

5. My Hero Academia: Smash Rising

My Hero Academia: Smash Rising is an interesting game because it presents your favorite characters from the My Hero Academia series in good 3D form. Each character has moves that are indeed made exactly the same as the anime

4. Captain Tsubasa Zero: Kimero! Miracle Shot

To add to the hype of Captain Tsubasa's anime currently airing, you can play Captain Tsubasa's game Zero: Kimero! Miracle Shot. The important key to winning a match is the player's high status. There will be lots of dueling such as tackles, kicks, jokes, etc. won by players with higher status. Not to forget, there are also typical Captain Tsubasa death kick moves.

3. One Piece Nautical King: Burning Wall

One Piece Nautical: King Gulid Wars itself has a side-scrolling genre Beat 'Em Up. This game developed by Aofei Games and Toei Animation has a story similar to the anime version and manga. In terms of gameplay One Piece game, this game uses a virtual joystick to control your character's movements, so you can freely carry out attacks, dodge, and beat enemies with various unique skills and combos.

2. Cyber Hunter

If your smartphone isn't strong enough to play Fortnite, switch to this one game because it's more economical and friendly. Cyber Hunter offers a battle royale game that will combine aspects of survival, gunfire, exploration, and build-build, which have virtual world themes. More interestingly, you are provided with a unique ability to climb walls.

1. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love looks a lot like the old Ragnarok Online. You could say content 80 percent of Ragnarok Online content can be found in this one game. You are sure to feel nostalgic with the fun of grinding levels with your friends first. What's more, the full 3D graphics and very smooth look so cool your eyes.