Champion Ragnarok Skill Build Eternal Love Type Combo

A famous champion as a Job in Ragnarok Eternal Love that can kill anyone with one hit through the Asura Strike skill. But what this time will be shared by the author is not a build that focuses on that ability, but build Champion Ragnarok Eternal Love for combos so you can face PvE quite easily!

Here is the build of combo type Champion and Monk Ragnarok Eternal Love by the World Games!

1. Acolyte Skill

Skill Build Champion Ragnarok Eternal Love  Tipe Kombo: Gempur Musuh dengan Serangan Bertubi-Tubi!
  • Skills taken: Mace Mastery Lvl. 10, Blessing Lvl. 10, Increase Agi Lv. 10, Heal Lv. 10.

The most important ability you have to take in this build is of course Blessing and Increase Agi. Both of these skills will play a large role in the damage that will be released by the Champion later. Blessing simultaneously raises important statuses from Monk such as STR and INT. While Increase Agi as the name implies adds Agility drastically.

Retrieving Mace Mastery to facilitate leveling you towards the Monk because Acolyte can only use two weapons, namely Mace and Staff. If you later want to play as a Monk, you can't use the Staff because this weapon damage is calculated from magical attacks.

To retrieve Heal is just to fill in the existing skill slots. You may take Kyrie Eleison to replace this Heal skill if you feel you need more protection against damage.

2. Monk Skill

Skill Build Champion Ragnarok Eternal Love  Tipe Kombo: Gempur Musuh dengan Serangan Bertubi-Tubi!

  • Skills taken: Iron Fist Lvl.10, Call Spirit Lvl.5, Critical Explosion Lvl.5, Triple Lvl Attack 10., Chain Combo Lvl.5, Investigate Lvl.5 / Combo Finish Lvl.5.

This is where you will show the true strength of this build. Immediately fill the Iron Fist to level 10 because you only use the Knuckles weapon type to the final stage. Iron Fist also increases the level of damage to your bare hands. Without weapons, your auto attack speed will reach its maximum point. Use this knowledge as best you can.

Picking up Call Spirit and Critical Explosion is to increase your damage to the next level. One spirit will increase your physical damage by 3 and give a piercing armor effect of 0.5 percent. Critical Explosion will increase the chance of your punch issuing a critical effect.

The key to your attack is Triple Attack and Chain Combo. Triple Attack will activate automatically after you blow. Chain Combo is a skill that you can release after the Triple Attack has come out. These two skills are the keys to your attack. Combo Finish you don't have to take because the two skills are enough.

3. Skill Champion

Skill Build Champion Ragnarok Eternal Love  Tipe Kombo: Gempur Musuh dengan Serangan Bertubi-Tubi!

  • Skills taken: Spirit Sphere Lvl.5, Tiger Strike Lvl.5, Chain Crush Combo Lvl. 10, Barehand Mastery Lvl.10, Increase Aspd Lvl

When you become a Champion, you will not see a change that is too significant from your playing style. Triple Strike skill will still be your main weapon in defeating enemies. This time, you will get help from the skill of Tiger Strike and Chain Crush Combo which is a continuation of Combo Finish.

Like Monk, before you take active skills you better take passive skills first. First, increase Barehand Mastery to reach level 10, then increase Tiger Strike and Chain Crush Combo. Barehand Mastery has an effect similar to Iron Fist.

After you take Tiger Strike you can take the Increase Aspd to speed up your blows. After all of your skills have been taken, it's time for you to take the Spirit Sphere to further increase your damage to the monsters according to the number of your spirit.