Groza PUBG Weapons: The Weapon to Attack All Armors

If there is a question about PUBG weapons, which is the most appropriate to be the Battle Royale Shooter game icon, maybe Groza is the answer! Why? Because this weapon can indeed be felt typical of PUBG, plus the Groza PUBG weapon has also been named the best Assault Rifle in the game!


Even so, the name of this weapon is fairly foreign in FPS games. So what exactly is the origin of Groza? Check here!

OTs-14 Groza, The Thunderstorm!

Groza is a Russian manufacturer's bullpup type weapon. Groza's own name turned out to be the nickname of this weapon, which Groza here means Thunderstorm or Thunderstorm. Really the name that is suitable for the best ARB class PUBG weapons!

Because the name Groza is a nickname, the real name of this weapon with wild recoil itself is actually OTs014 or OC-14. This weapon was made in 1994 by a research body called TsKIB SOO in Tula, Russia. The person who made it was named V.N Telesh and Y.V Lebedev.

Although this weapon is quite new and is a frightening PUBG weapon, in fact, Groza is rarely used in the real world. This weapon was only used by Russian special forces namely Spetsnaz and Russian Air Force forces called VDV.

Groza, PUBG's Strongest Weapon for Short Distance Fighting!

During the discussion of the strongest weapons of the PUBG yesterday, we have been able to ensure that Groza is the strongest weapon of the PUBG for the AR class! This weapon can quickly kill enemies seen only in a time interval of 0.16 seconds - even in the state of the enemy using Helmet / Armor level 3.

If you use a Level 2 Helmet / Armor, the enemy can disappear in just 0.08 seconds! But instead, the Groza PUBG weapon has recoil which is quite difficult to control. Plus, this weapon is only in the crate, which might make you not used to using it. So be sure to try it out in training mode before you really dare to take Groza's weapon!

Strongest Damage Weapon, Self-Defense without Attachment!

When it comes to the best attachments for this weapon, it might be said that without attachments this weapon is already very strong! The choice of attachments that can be paired actually is also fairly minimal. Recorded only the top attachments for shots like Red Dot and Scope.

Then besides the shooting attachment, another additional attachment for this weapon is only limited to the Suppressor. So actually you could say that this weapon is strong and can stand alone independently without the help of attachments! Moreover, this weapon also has a natural Vertical Foregrip which makes Groza's vertical recoil more secure.