New features of Mobile Legends, Emotes! Taunt Enemy or Friend with Funnier and Cuter Ways

New features continue to be given Mobile Legends so you can be more comfortable playing. This time, the Moonton game released a funny feature that can make you even more happy playing Emotes. The Emotes Mobile Legends feature itself should you first set the same as auto chat so you just press the emote you want to use.


Until this article was written, you don't need to buy an emote at all because you can get a variety of funny emotes through the quest.

After completing the requested quest, you will get an emote and it can be installed immediately to be used when in-game. You could say, emote is one of the newest ways taunt compared to chat at length is not clear. To see the emote's appearance, see the video below right away.

Unfortunately, this feature is only on the advanced server when this article is published and we still have to wait for the exact date when emotes can be present on the official server.