5 Best Heroes in Mobile Legends 2018 After Getting Reworks

In 2018 this is indeed the highlight of the appearance changes from the hero Mobile Legends. Not only does it provide graphics and a more family-friendly hero appearance, but this year also provides a lot of reworks to heroes and brings enormous influence, especially from playstyle to pushing them to meta-hero lines.


At least, there are five heroes who get the most influence when reworked in 2018. Who are they? Check out more below.

1. Bane

Already announced since the end of 2017, early 2018 is good news for Bane. He who was once a pirate ghost captain has turned into a half-octopus creature with crab claws that are his trademark.

Skill Bane also experienced significant changes where he who used to tend to play defensively with strong pushing skills became a super strong and hard pusher. Since its appearance, many people have begun to look at Bane again, often used in esports competitions.

2. Johnson

Johnson, who used to be a weak tank with skills that have not been changed in such a way around the end of January 2018, not long after the presence of Bane rework. After getting a lot of changes from skill and appearance, Johnson immediately became the idol tank of the players because he had very strong control and damage effects. When facing an enemy who relies on a physical attack, Johnson is one of the champions.

3. Alice

Even though he didn't get many changes to his skills, the rework that happened to Alice turned out to bring a meta change to him. Apart from appearance, his passive skill was changed to become stronger because he could take blood orb from a greater distance.

In addition, Alice also gets an additional effect after collecting a number of blood orbs such as a vamp spell until cooldown reduction. Although the changes are quite simple, thanks to this, Alice immediately became the prima donna of mage users because she became very strong and terrible, especially her vamp spell.

4. Nana

The mage hero, as well as the first support in Mobile Legends, also got a change in appearance and skill around April 2018. Nana now looks very cute and the skill is more annoying than before. If in the past Nana was used more often when facing an agile Hero like Hayabusa or Fanny, now it became more useful to deal with anyone.

The magic damage is now getting more painful and terrible, especially the ultimate skill that can give a stun effect when it is hit twice or more. In a teamfight, Nana can be very disturbing to the enemy and make things turn around.

5. Sun

Often underestimated before, Sun, who has obtained rework, is now becoming more fierce and terrifying. His ability to create shadows is not much different from before, but his skill is far more flexible and makes him able to avoid some of his ultimate using deadly projectiles. Unfortunately, his mobility is slightly reduced because he has to rely on enemy units so he can move instantly.