5 Mystery of Adamantium, Iron Raw Material as Wolverine Claw!

In the universe of Marvel superheroes, there are two strongest types of iron on the face of the earth. The first is Vibranium iron, iron from Wakanda, iron raw material from Captain America's shield. The second is Adamantium iron, iron which is said to be stronger, which is the raw material for Wolverine claw nails. Adamantium iron is still a mystery, so what are the mysteries of adamantium? Here are 5 of them!


Originating from the Hercules Mythology

One of the mysteries of adamantium is, many ask where exactly is the origin of this story about Adamantium iron? It turns out the origin is from Greek mythology stories, from the story of the Hercules demigod. The story of Hercules needs a powerful weapon for him to fight. A weapon was made by Hephaestus, a golden mace made of Adamantium.

Adamantium's own name comes from the English word Adamant which means firm or persistent, which is the nature of this iron.

Difficult to process, and the manufacturing costs are very expensive!

In the Marvel comics universe, this iron is famous for being very, very expensive! Why? Of course, because it's very rare. Adamantium iron ore stock is really very limited, so maybe only the American military is willing to spend that much money to make weapons. It's not just a matter of rare, very few people who understand iron. In comics, there is only the figure of Dr. MacLain, the only scientific figure on earth who understood this Adamantium.

Adamantium Is Toxic Iron

Although this iron is very strong, adamantium is said to be toxic iron. So far as you know, this iron is a raw material and also a source of strength from Wolverine mutants. He became strong, so it was hard to beat because of his iron bones.

But this iron is toxic and can make people exposed to cancer. Wolverine has survived because it has healing factors. Therefore in the film Logan, the story of Wolverine is very old, and the healing factor has weakened. As a result, Adamantium's poison made him become weaker, sickly and dying!

Can Withstand a Nuclear Explosion

Adamantium's biggest mystery, how strong is this iron. If the benchmark is an ordinary human weapon, Adamantium is reportedly even able to withstand nuclear explosions! This has actually been proven by itself in the film The Wolverine. Indeed, at that time he had not used Adamantium, but if he had? Of course, he can hold the explosion without having to hide.

Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Can Only Make This Iron Blisters!

Then the mystery of the next adamantium, how strong is this one iron based on the benchmark of the strength of the superheroes? Reportedly good Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, can only make this iron scuff! This is quoted from the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, where Dr. Maclain wants to test this iron.

In order to carry out the test, he called the Superheroes. The result? Iron Man Repulsor and Petri Thor's power can only make blisters! Then the Hulk? He just made blisters, when fighting Ultron which incidentally is also made of Adamantium.