7 Interesting Facts about Galactus, the Larger Size Marvel Character than Earth

Galactus is a fictional character in Marvel comics which is said to have extraordinary powers. The character made by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby is indeed very well-known in the world of Marvel because of its very creepy antagonist role. Galactus can be classified as a super intergalactic villain because of the scale of the threat that can destroy the earth. He even topped the IGN's list of '100 Most Popular Comic Figures'.


After Thanos appeared in the Avengers: Infinity War, many Marvel fans hope that Galactus can appear in Marvel Studios films. Before seeing the emergence of Galactus in MCU come true, first, know some interesting facts from the eaters of all the planets and the following.

7. Balancing the Universe

When the universe became very chaotic and irregular, it was Galactus's duty to stop it. But it takes millions of years and looks from a distance before it is ready to function as one of the three main forces of the universe. When carrying out his duties, Galactus did not hesitate to destroy the planet which he considered unworthy.

6. Origins of Galactus

Galactus is a resident of planet Taa named Galan. At first, he was an explorer who investigated the destruction that would befall the universe. When this incident occurred, Galan and his colleagues fled by plane. Trying to avoid radiation attacks that have destroyed the planet, Galan directs the plane towards destruction. When the plane and its contents were destroyed, a cosmic entity called The Sentience of the Universe came to offer Galan to unite on the grounds that they would not be destroyed. The destruction of the planet and the universe caused the emergence of a new universe and produced Galactus which is a combination of Galan and the entity of The Sentience of the Universe.

5. All Planet Eaters

In carrying out its duties, Galactus requires enormous energy so do not be surprised if Galactus can suck up all resources and even some planets easily. But Galactus does not just eat the planet, before he does it he will order some of his right hand to examine the planet that is worth eating.

4. Have Many Right Hands

In carrying out his duties Galactus is not alone. He has many right-hand alias aides who have their respective functions called the Herald of Galactus. In the comics, there are some characters who have been Galactus's aides, such as Fallen One, Silver Surfer, Gabriel the Air-Walker, Firelord, Destroyer, Terrax the Tamer, Dazzler, Nova, Morg the Executioner, Red Shift, Johnny Storm, Stardust, and Praeter.

3. The Most Feared Cosmic Character of Marvel

Galactus is one of the characters who have the most powerful power in Marvel. He has unlimited Cosmic Power power, this power makes him the most feared Marvel character, even the Avengers are not necessarily able to defeat him.

2. Fear of Ultimate Nullifier Artifacts

Despite getting the title of the most feared character in the Marvel universe, it turns out Galactus has a fear of a very small artifact shaped object. The object is the Ultimate Nullifier which has the ability to completely rewrite reality. In his comic, Reed Richards, who is a member of the Fantastic Four, apparently has the Ultimate Nullifier. With this artifact, Richards can remove Galactus from reality only with his mind. Knowing this, Galactus, who wanted to eat the planet, immediately left when he discovered Richards had the most dangerous artifact.

1. Galactus's Death Brings Greater Disaster

You must think that Galactus was killed then the life of the universe will be calm. But in fact when Galactus is told that death does not mean the universe is safe. In the Galactus the Devourer comic, Galactus is said to have been killed, and his death makes a far more evil creature appear. The creature named Abraxas, is one of the cosmic entities that represent the destruction of the universe. Its appearance actually makes the universe very insecure, because it wants to destroy everything in the universe indiscriminately. Unlike Galactus as a balancer of the universe that is still picky before destroying the planet and its contents