How to Do Cat Eye With Using Eyeliner

Do you still often have difficulty using eyeliner? Or make cat-eye eyeliner? The trendy cat eye or cat eye eyeliner model, inspired by Korean girl's makeup can make your eyes look brighter, bigger and more expansive.

Eyes are one of the charms of women. From the eye falls to the heart. That's the term that is used by many people to express someone's charm that can make other people fall in love. Speaking of eyes, this time we will share tips on making eye makeup that can make you look more 'alive' from morning to night. The Beauty Department, divulging the secrets of the eyes that look more sparkling and elegant even with minimalist makeup.

Let's try the tips. Only armed with eyeliners.

Different Types of Cat Eye

1. Retro Cat-Eye Makeup

Retro Cat-Eye is a modified Catwoman-style makeup inspiration, and certainly easy to apply. To get this eye view, you can take inspiration from burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese. Simply use black eyeliner and white eyeshadow to try this look. Use a white eyelid eyeshadow and black eyeliner to frame your eyes, add a little mascara to the upper lashes to maximize the look of your eyes.

2. Cat Eye with a Touch of Color

Tired of the classic black 'Cat eye' makeup look? Try modification by adding a little color to your eyes. Apply eyeshadow color as usual and blend with other colors using a brush, finally the eye line frame with black liquid eyeliner. Color choices can vary greatly depending on your wishes.

3. Cat eye Shadow

Cat eyeshadow is a makeup display that is quite easy to imitate. Use dark eyeshadow like black or gray and blend it out of the eyelids, add black eyeliner, as usual, to further highlight your eyes. As a result, you will have eye makeup effects of 'smokey eyes' that seem mysterious and sexy for your evening event.

4. Cat eye Classic

Of course, this classic 'Cat eye' makeup is still a favorite. Enough with liquid eyeliner, you can make this display. Sweep the liquid eyeliner from the inside out and gently pull the line up at the end. Artist make-up suggests making dots so that the eye lines are perfect. then just mix the point with eyeliner to combine it in a neat line. Don't forget to make eye lines that are parallel to the edges of your eyebrows.

4 Steps to Make Cat Eye with Eyeliner

First, apply a matte gray eyeshadow, thin starting from the bottom of the eyelid. To apply it can use the S44 brush E44. Then use the pointed brush to apply the charcoal shimmer and apply it right on the outside of the eyelid.

Next, carefully form wing out with black eyeshadow. You can use the brush to make it easier. Then blend the black eyeshadow to the center of your eyelids.

Make a double cat eye with a black eyeliner pencil on your lower lash line. Try to make the eyeshadow paint the same as the one above. Then to make it look more natural, you can blend again with the brush to make it more evenly distributed.

Apply one layer of false lashes to give the impression of being more glamorous and as a final step to stretch the upper and lower lashes with mascara.

Morning and Night Tips

Morning Tips 

1. Make a pull at the corner of the eye to make the shape of the cat's eye you want. Because this is the morning, just make a small corner of the cat eye but quite sharp.

2. After making the image and pattern of the cat's eye you want, fill the cat's eye shape using eyeliner.

3. So that the eyeliner is not messy, for a thin shape like this you can do a rather fast movement with a little pressing.

Nighttime Tips

1. When night falls, you need to make paint eyes more firm and thick. You only need to add to the line effect on the previously sunken eye, making it more straight.

2. If you are going to attend an important event, there's nothing wrong with giving additional shimmering soft pink eyeshadow or creme. This method can make your eyes look glowing. But if you feel eyeliner is enough, just enjoy the night with your basic cat eyes.

Making paint eye makeup is actually very personal and depends on each eyelid. We also have to pay attention to the thickness of the eyeliner we want.

The tutorial above is very basic and you can create it better, according to the character of your eyelids and makeup. The last tip, at night, doesn't hesitate to make the paint eyes you apply more dramatic. Good luck, Ladies.

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