How to Make Slime Using Fox Glue

For children in the 90s, they are certainly no stranger to clay, with this clay, most children make a work of art according to their imagination. But now it's modern times, where clay is very difficult to find, but don't worry, the baby can still work using slime.

What is slime? The slime is a material that clumps like jelly and chewy when we touch it, this slime can be used as a toy for children to imagine because this slime can be changed or explored in shape, the color is in accordance with our wishes and imagination. Interesting right? Now how do you make safe slime? This time I will give a tutorial on how to make slime using Fox glue. Come on, see the following.

How to Make Slime Using Fox Glue

How to make slime that I will share on using ingredients that are easy to find and the method is quite easy, while the ingredients that need to be prepared are:

  • Fox glue
  • Liquid soap (here we will use a red lifebuoy)
  • Slime activator
  • Food coloring, if you don't use food coloring is no problem
  • Water
  • Container
  • Stirrer / spoon

If the above material has been prepared, the next step is:

  1. Pour Fox glue into a container that has been prepared, the size as desired or the needs of friends.
  2. Pour Lifebuoy liquid soap into Fox glue then stir until smooth
  3. To make attractive colors, use food coloring, here I use blue. Stir again with glue and soap.
  4. After the Fox glue, dye and soap have been mixed evenly, then pour the slime activator so that the slime we make is not sticky.
  5. Keep stirring all three ingredients until the slime you make is not sticky, if you are still sticky, you can add more soap or slime activator, mix it so it doesn't stick.
  6. After everything is mixed, now you can play the slime you have made.
  7. So, that's the way to make slime using Fox glue, no need to worry about being dangerous because it is made with environmentally friendly materials and without preservatives or borax, of course.

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