How to Put Magnetic Lashes on Eyes

These magnetic fake eyelashes have the same shape as ordinary fake eyelashes, which distinguishes only the existence of magnets that facilitate the application of eyelashes. In addition to how to use it easily, these magnetic fake eyelashes can also be used repeatedly and the results look more natural and tidy. If usually in one box only contains two fake eyelashes to be used on the left and right, then the magnetic fake eyelashes contain four.

Every eyelash requires two layers of magnetic fake eyelashes. How to use it by wrapping the original lashes between two fake lashes. The magnets on each fake eyelash will stick directly, so there is no need to use special glue.

Magnetic eyelashes are the lashes that attach to it with a magnet. To use these eyelashes it is very easy to just stick it directly without using glue. For the shape, usually with fake lashes, but in the middle, there is a thin magnet. Well, what distinguishes it is to attach it to the eyelid, you must attach two layers of fake lashes that have this magnet. How to use it is enough to attach the first layer above the original lashes to be a barrier. Then, attach the second layer under the original lashes then click! Fake lashes are already installed.

  • Easy to use: The use of eyelashes without glue makes it easier to install fake eyelashes. In addition, it does not need to symmetry or even the texture.
  • The shape: The shape of fake eyelashes also has many shapes to suit your taste. The result is very natural and does not make you uncomfortable.

  • Price: The price is relatively more expensive than ordinary eyelashes. You can get it for 70-80 thousand for a pair of fake eyelashes.
  • Hard to get: Magnet lashes are still not widely available at all beauty shops already available, you can only get through online stores.
How to Put Magnetic Lashes On

For people who are not familiar, installing fake eyelashes is like fighting. Not a few people who are good at making eye makeup, but not skilled in installing fake lashes. Starting from being confused about how to use it, not knowing how to apply the glue properly, and spilling everywhere, to fake eyelashes that do not want to stick or loose quickly. Indeed, wearing eyelashes is difficult (although more difficult for beginners). But, if you want to have thick, plump and thick lashes instantly, yes, this is the only way. So, you need a lot of practice to get used to installing fake eyelashes correctly and quickly.

 The following types of fake eyelashes tend to be new, namely magnetic lashes. These fake eyelashes don't need to use glue to stick to the eyelids! So, the way magnetic lashes work is to "clamp" your original lashes with two magnetized lashes.

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How to Use

How to use it is very easy, place 1 pcs fake eyelashes on the top of your lashes, then without blinking near 1 pcs fake eyelashes on the bottom of your lashes. Voila! Fake lashes will glue perfectly.

Magnetic eyelashes are installed by clamping your original lashes. The system is the same as a hair extension or hair clip. But, this media uses magnets. First, attach magnetic lashes to the upper tail of the eye. After that, install the magnetic lashes just below the first spring. Your original eyelash clip uses these magnetic lashes. Many people turn to magnetic lashes because their installation and release are easier. Now you can buy magnetic lashes at a beauty shop or online.

How to Apply Fake Eyelashes for Beginners

1. Use Eye Makeup

How to install the correct fake eyelashes is to apply eye makeup first. It is impossible for you to use fake lashes first and then makeup. Use all the eye makeup you want. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, glitter, just about anything you want to put on your eyes, finish it all before putting on the fake balm. Don't forget to curl your original lashes using the eyelash curler, then apply mascara. For mascara is to flex and straighten the original lashes. In addition, mascara will also sweep away the rest of the eyeshadow that is accidentally lodged in the lashes. If you've done everything, then you can move to the next step.

2. Choose Eyelashes

Now is the time for you to choose which fake shirt you want to use. If you are single lashes and cluster lashes you should not need to think about it. Because, the type of single lashes is only used for lashes extensions, while cluster lashes are more complicated to use. Because you are still a beginner, you might spend a lot of time just planting eyelashes. So, the choice is only strip lashes, 3/4 lashes, and just magnetic lashes.

3. Adjust Size

Lack of strip type is universal size, even though the size of each person's eyelids is different. So it will take scissors to adjust the size to everyone's eyes. So, if the fake eyelashes are too long for your eyelids, cut out the tip of the outermost lashes (usually the fur that is longer). Cut little by little so that it doesn't short.

4. Bend Eyelashes

Basically, the new fake mat was curved from there. So, you can immediately apply glue and use it. But, if the fake eyelashes have been used several times and not stored properly, usually the shape will change. For this reason, before using, clean the remaining glue that is clumping from your fake eyelashes first. If it's clean, bend your lashes as shown. Let stand for a few moments until the shape of the lashes curves back. New, after that you can apply glue to the mold.

5. Apply glue

The next way to install fake eyelashes is to apply glue to the lashes. Above, we have told you what kind of eyelash glue is. It's up to you, prefer to use latex or liquid glue. But, it's easier to use is latex adhesive. Latex adhesive tends to dry faster, making it easier to use eyelashes. Apply a thin latex adhesive to the lash line, then let it half dry. If so, then you can do the next step.

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6. Prepare Eyes

Prepare your eyes! Installing lashes may be a little "tickling" for some people. Especially if your eyes are easily runny. Not to mention the fake eyelashes close to the petals, your eyes have tears. For that, prepare a tissue to wipe away the tears before falling and blending your makeup. Reflect, because it is impossible to put fake eyelashes in the right direction without the help of a mirror. Open your eyes to 1/2, then look in the mirror by looking down through the nose. Lift your upper eyelid using a hand that doesn't hold eyelashes. This will facilitate the installation of fake eyelashes. You can install it directly using a finger or a clamping tool.

 7. Install!

Set the location of the lashes with your eyelid line, but don't attach it directly. Start attaching from the inner corner of the eye (which is near the nose). Continue sliding to the center and tail of the eye. Do not blink directly, let the eyes remain 1/2 open for about 1-2 minutes so the glue dries well. You can clamp your lashes to stick better. But, don't use regular rice, huh. Use special curler lashes for fake eyelashes that are 1/4 in size from a regular eyelash. 

8. Removing & Storing Eyelashes

Many people immediately remove eyelashes using fingers. The method is actually very wrong. Because, besides being sick, that method can make the original eyelashes fall out. That method will also damage the texture of your fake eyelashes. We recommend using a cotton bud. Dip a cotton bud on the eye makes up remover, baby oil, or any oil that can be used for beauty. Rub a cotton bud on your lashes with glue. Later the glue will come off little by little, then you can pull the fake eyelashes without causing problems. Don't forget to clean the remaining glue and mascara attached to the fake eyelashes. Then, immediately save the fake eyelashes in place so they are not dusty and do not change shape.

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