How to Remove Individual Eyelashes at Home

The eyelash extension is undoubtedly able to conjure up a brighter face because of the sparkling eyes. But because it is semi-permanent, of course, there is a period until finally the extra lashes must be released. Unfortunately, because it is installed one by one, the extra eyelashes are often released per piece, not all at once. This makes the right and left lashes to look unbalanced.

Because installing it with an expert or at the salon, when you take it off the one who thinks is returning to the place to be done correctly. But it turns out you can do this procedure to remove individual eyelashes at home as long as you know how.

Types of False Eyelashes

1. Strip Lashes

Before discussing how to install false eyelashes, it's good if you know in advance the types of false lashes that are common in the market. The most common type of fake eyelashes is strip lashes. In a beauty shop, this type of eyelash is always there. For beginners, we recommend using this type of fake lashes because it is easier to install and release. If you are looking for practical eyelashes and can have a dramatic effect, choose strip type lashes.

2. Three-Quarter (Half) Lashes

Three-quarter aka 3/4 aka half-round is the next type of false eyelashes on the market. Although there are not as many strips of lashes, these "bear" lashes are sold quite a lot. Eyelashes that are only 3/4 of the length of the eyelids are intended for the eyes. The end result of these lashes is natural lashes and large eyes.

3. Individual Flare Lashes

Beginners must bite the finger when told to use this one false eyelash. Individual flare lashes or cluster lashes are false eyelashes per size of the strand. Usually, each strand consists of 1-8 lash lines. The average one using this type of eyelash is a professional makeup artist. The final result of these false lashes can be natural, can also be dramatic, depending on how to apply and the length of the lashes. 4. Individual Single Lashes Are you horrified to see this one false eyelash? Take it easy, because individual single lashes are only used for eyelash extensions that are currently popular. The glue used to attach to these lashes is not the same as that used by other types of eyelashes, because the eyelashes tend to be "permanent" which is to last for 2-4 weeks.

5. Magnetic lashes

 The following types of false eyelashes tend to be new, namely magnetic lashes. These fake eyelashes don't need to use glue to stick to the eyelids, you know! So, the way magnetic lashes work is to "clamp" your original lashes with two magnetized lashes. How to install magnetic eyelashes Bacaterus will discuss next below.

6. Lower Lashes

Not everyone feels "in need" of this one eyelash. Usually, the lower false eyelashes are considered too large if used for every day. So, people use fake false eyelashes when going to parties or for important events like marriage. If you have small, narrow eyes, lower lashes can help make your eyes look bigger. For slanted eyes, use lower lashes that are not too long. Then, how to paste it does not fit the original lashes, but slightly below it a little. Also applies to those who like cosplay, usually knocking the lower lashes to make large eyes like anime characters.

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Applying Individual Eyelashes

How to install unit false eyelashes is to use a cap. It doesn't seem possible if you use your own fingers because the shape of the lashes is very small. First, look at your natural lashes, which parts need to be filled. After that, start from the tail of the eye (outermost part), move forward to the inside (near the nose).
How to remove individual eyelashes

  1. Clean your face first from the makeup that attaches, especially the eye makeup with an eye makeup remover, then wipe it thoroughly with a face wash soap.
  2. Prepare a basin filled with hot water, then carefully face the face to the basin or container with the distance until the steam reaches the face. To be effective, use a large towel to cover the head, do this evaporation process for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Dip cotton buds or cotton into facial oils such as olive oil or coconut oil. Rub the cotton along the lash line until the eyelash extension is released slowly. These extra lashes stick to the original lashes, so you have to do this process slowly until the semi-permanent glue is completely released. Repeat the process if needed.
  4. After the eyelash extension is released, clean the face again with warm water to remove the remaining oil, then apply moisturizer and eye cream to keep the skin and surrounding eyes back in a healthy condition and ready to rest.

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