How to Take Off Makeup Without Makeup Wipes

Cleaning your face from makeup is sometimes an annoying thing, especially if drowsiness is unbearable. However, you must clean your makeup on your face until it's completely finished! Some makeup products, especially those with very solid textures, such as eyeliner and waterproof mascara, are quite difficult to take off makeup without using makeup wipes. The scars that still attach to this can make the skin even the eyes become irritated.

Removing makeup is an activity that must be done so that our facial skin remains healthy because it is not contaminated with chemicals in makeup and also dust that sticks to the face after a day of activities. Today there are many make-up remover products that you can find easily on the market. Starting from a special makeup remover for the face, specifically for the eyes, or combination.

Well, speaking of the eyes, certainly not a few of us are hesitant to use the makeup remover liquid to remove makeup on the eyes. Well, this is not without reason, but because the eye is a human organ that is sensitive and cannot carelessly receive materials. We even have to wipe our makeup gently and can't rub it roughly.

Below are some ingredients that you can use to remove makeup in your eyes naturally, without having to be confused to find what make-up remover that is safe and suitable for your eyes.

As long as 8 of these ingredients are in range, facial makeup will not be difficult to clean! Don't give up, because there are some simple ingredients that you can use to make facial makeup easier to clean. 

8 Natural Ingredients to Take Off Makeup Without Using Makeup Wipes

1. Baking Soda and Honey

We are not asking you to make honey cakes, you know. You can use this blend of honey and baking soda as a natural makeup remover that is very effective and also comfortable like your skin. Honey and baking soda can remove all types of makeup that you wear on your face very easily so that your skin does not feel hot or painful due to rubbing too hard.

The method is very easy, namely, pour 1 teaspoon of honey on a clean cloth, then add some baking soda powder. Then apply to the area of the face that is wrapped in makeup.

2. Baby Tissue

Want a fast and practical way? Try using baby wipes. This tissue is also very effective for cleaning makeup. But make sure the tissue doesn't contain alcohol first.

The texture of this baby wet tissue is indeed soft, so you don't have to worry about making your face irritated as long as you don't rub it too hard. Always provide this baby wet wipes just in case your makeup remover is running out

3. Steam Facial

Warm water vapor will make the pores on the face become open, so that makes makeup that is difficult to remove like eyeliner and waterproof mascara that you can easily clean.

It's easy, just like if you do a facial. Prepare a basin of half warm water, then bring your face close to the basin. Headgear using a towel so that warm water vapor only hits your face. After that, wash your face using mild facial soap. Without having to scrub hard, makeup on the skin will be easily lifted, and your face will be completely clean.

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil does have many uses for skin care. In addition to the content in it which can moisturize and soften, it turns out you can rely on it as well as for cleaning the face from stubborn makeup. This is a very suitable choice for those of you who have dry facial skin types. Besides being able to cleanse your face naturally, olive oil will also act as a moisturizing agent for your face.

5. Milk 

Believe it or not, it turns out milk can remove eyeliner and mascara very easily! Yup, milk is indeed known as a deep cleanser agent that is good and friendly to the skin. Not only cleaning makeup on the surface, but milk can also seep and cleanse the pores of the skin. How to clean it is really easy, you only need fresh milk and cotton. Dip the cotton wool in the milk, then apply it and rub it slowly into your eyes.

6. Baby Oil

If your olive oil is running out and you only find baby oil, just use it! This oil is also very soft, comfortable and friendly if used for makeup cleansers. The oil content can also make thick makeup like mascara easily fade while moisturizing your skin. Pour baby oil on a clean cotton cloth, then rub and gently rub on the face. After that, wash your face with a mild face soap. And look at the results!

7. Baby Lotion

One more baby care product that you can use to clean your face from makeup, namely baby lotion. The texture of this body lotion is indeed very soft, so it is safe to use and you don't have to worry about your face or eyes being irritated.

How to use it, apply baby lotion evenly to the face. Then clean using cotton until clean. After that, you just need to clean it with face soap and clean water.

8. Natural Oils

The second ingredient that you can use to remove eye make up is various natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, apricot oil, etc. which are safe to use on human skin. This method is already quite well-known by many people when they don't have a make up remover.

The steps you have to do are fairly easy, you can simply dip the cotton into one spoon of oil, apply the cotton to your eye area and let it sit for one minute for more optimal results. After the oil has managed to break up the makeup, start gently rubbing the cotton in the eye area.

Then take a new cotton swab and brush it in the area around the eyes to clean up the remnants of the makeup that if it hasn't been lifted. Then rinse your eyes with clean water. Just tips for Teens, for those of you who want to remove makeup in the area under the eyes (usually eyeliner), you can simply replace the cotton with a cotton bud.

Now that's some alternative makeup remover ingredients that are effective for removing facial makeup that is strong enough and difficult to clean.

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