New Character Free Fire, Andrew: Suicide Squad, Become a Tanker in Squad!

We had discussed some of the characters of Free Fire. There is Antonio who has more cellphones than most of the other characters, there is Misha the racing hero who made the car, Kelly the national running athlete whose sprint is hard to chase, then finally there is the cute but barbaric girl Caroline when fighting using a shotgun.


Then, who will we discuss next? Reportedly this famous character is difficult to kill because it can make the Vest become more durable! Who is he? Yes, right Andrew! Instead of going around, let's discuss it immediately.

Andrew the Defender of the Truth, the Hero of the Police!

One of the highlights of the Free Fire character is their background story before plunging into battle in Free Fire. Yesterday Caroline's story was a super-rich kid who was famous for being spoiled, but instead became barbaric when in battle. Then what is the story of Andrew's background?

It turns out that Andrew was told as a figure of the whiz police. Famous for upholding justice, most of the time used by Andrew to capture the criminals who made the city restless. Because of his hobby of fighting this crime that made Andrew become very tough in battle.

His vest could be said to be his lucky charm, why? Because he had been through various battles and survived by using the bulletproof suit. This man who was born December 25, 1976, also promised to fight as hard as he could to uncover the mastermind behind this crazy Free Fire arena!

So More Resistant In Fighting With Andrew!

Karakter Free Fire Andrew: Pasukan Berani Mati, Jadi Tanker dalam Squad!

Andrew is arguably another variant of Antonio, but harder. Skill Antonio allows him to get HP bonuses for early games, then what about Andrew? This one character skill allows players to increase Vest resistance up to 12% when it reaches its maximum level.

At level 1, Andrew can only increase Vest resistance by 2%. Vest is certainly an important element in the game so it can be said that Andrew is one of the most obligatory characters you have if you want to be able to get BOOYAH more often in the game.

Tips for Using Andrew, Become a Tanker For Your Squad!

Actually, you could say there are no specific tactics when you use Andrew. Why? Because Andrew's skill effects improve the resilience of your character in general, so you only need to play as usual, get the best Vest, then fight with the enemies.

But if you play with a squad, maybe you can be the front guard of the army, because your body is arguably thicker than the others. Speaking of skill combinations, we still feel there are some free fire character skills that can match this Andrew. Anyone?

Miguel, to play aggressively, so you can get EP every time you kill the enemy then Caroline, for you who like to play Shotgun. What about the other? It might be possible, but it is not suitable, for example, a combination with Antonio is like a less suitable. Because Antonio's skill is more for the early game, while Andrew is more directed to mid-game when he has got the best Vest.